Cambodian Zulite Stone Co., Ltd.


Cambodian Zulite Stone Co., Ltd. is a professional quartz factory, which was established in 2019. The factory is located in Cambodian Zhejiang Guoji SEZ, Phum Tropiang Kea, and Phum Tropiang Moul, Khum Cherng Ko, Srok Prey Nob, Preah Sihanouk Province. Zulite Stone is specialized on produce quartz slabs and quartz fabricated (cut-to-size) products.

On 2020, our factory has more than 100 employees. Among them are experienced workers from this industry and also local workers. Zulite Stone can supply both quartz slabs and quartz fabricated (cut-to-size) products. For slabs production, there are currently two production lines and one polishing line in the operation. In the aspect of fabricated products, our factory has advanced production technology and equipment, including bridge saws, CNC machines, edge polishing machines, calibration machines, and so on. We can fully meet the needs of customers.

Regarding the supply of raw materials, globalization and diversification are our advantages. We not only source from China, but also from other countries like Turkey, India, etc. It directly ensures the sufficiency and stabilization of our resources, fully satisfy the market requirement. Sourcing globally means to provide the best benefits to our customers.


Cambodian Zulite Stone is capable of supplying various products. Among them are mainly quartz slabs and fabricated quartz for projects (cut-to-size products).

For quartz slabs, our slabs colors including but not limited to mono-color, multi-color, veining-colors, calacatta-like colors, etc.

For cut to sizes, we are not only equipped with complete processing equipment, such as bridge saws, CNC machines, edge polishing machines, calibration machines but also recruit professional teams with many years of working experience to provide high-quality finished products.

Why Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Located at the transportation hub in Southeast Asia, Cambodia enjoys a superior geographical location. Our factory is adjacent to No.4 national highway, 12 kilometers away from Sihanoukville International Deep-Water Port and railway station, 3 kilometers away from Sihanoukville International Airport which is convenient by sea, land, and air. Due to the particularity of its port, our customers’ goods can be delivered to all parts of the world in time with convenient logistics.

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