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Explore what PANMIN can provide for your next project? PANMIN offers the best quartz and granite projects services that you need as follows, please feel free to contact us for your next project.

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PANMIN offers expert quartz and granite turn-key project solutions for your next project, not only to residential or commercial construction projects, but also other types that you need. We provide abundant solutions to assist installers, contractors, and distributors with all of complex project needs.

PANMIN offers a wide range of quartz and granite projects services including but not limited to:

Instant Quotation

Give you a prompt and accurate quotation on any size order within hours

Take Off

 Accurate and efficient digital takeoff for residential and commercial projects

Shop Drawings

Create a set of quality shop drawings to support production and installation process

Fabrication & Loading Photos

Provide fabrication and loading photos to get the real goods situation

Global Supply

Two factories in China, and one factory in Cambodia to benefit customers from differents locations and areas

PANMIN has successful stone projects involve hospitality brands like Marriott, Holiday Inn, Sheraton Hotel, Hyatt, Wyndham, and Hilton DoubleTree Hotel and luxury apartment brands with The Village at Lake Lily and AMLI Residential and etc. Rich project experience is worthy of your trust.

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