6018 Calacatta Crevice

The thunder faints away beyond the willows green;

The raindrops drip from lotus leaves after the shower.

An imperfect rainbow is seen,

Shut out of view by Western Tower.

— Tune: Immortal at the River

 Ouyang Xiu

  • Описание

    Product Description

    Characterized by the streak which looks like the crevasse, Calacatta Crevice Quartz gives us a sense of imperfect beauty from visual effect. Having it at home is like keeping an artwork, isn’t it?
    The veins are penetrating through the whole slab, instead of floating on the surface.

    Slab Sizes

    Our standard slab size is 3200*1600, or Jumbo size. However, we do provide other custom sizes. Please contact us for more details.

    Размеры:3200 * 1600 mm

    Easy Maintenance

    PANMINQUARTZ® requires minimal care and maintenance: for the stains on the surface, immediately wipe off the stained area with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Thoroughly rinse off the soap/mild detergent with ordinary water. Please refer to the Care and Maintenance guidelines for more details.

    Edge Profiles

    Enjoy different beauty with different edge profiles. You can use our products for unlimited edge profiles, including but not limited to below selections.

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