Mega Size Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz

What Is Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz?

Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz is when two slabs of Calacatta are "opened up" and adjoining surfaces mirror each other, giving the impression of an opened book. Both slabs are identical, and when they are joined together, they form a unique pattern with the veins flowing continuously from one slab to the other.

Bookmatch Calacatta Quartz PMC1622
Calacatta Quartz PMC1622

Calacatta Quartz: Best for Bookmatching

Bookmatching is critical when designing large areas such as kitchen islands, shower walls, or large decorative walls. Bookmatching isn't always feasible with marble due to the varying veins inherent in natural stone. Quartz, however, can be designed for bookmatching.

Bookmatching works best with stones that have strong veins and linear patterns or plenty of movement. Calacatta quartz, renowned for dramatic and bold veins, is no doubt the best for bookmatching.

Browse our gallery for inspiration if you are contemplating introducing Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz surfaces into your home.

Mega Size Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz

PANMIN's Mega Size Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz offers beautiful results and is commonly best displayed in large spaces where the full effect can be appreciated. Our Mega Size of up to 3,500 * 2,000 mm (138 * 79 in) helps accentuate the space and give the patterns plenty of opportunity to shine. You can simply cover your space from the floor to the ceiling. Large-scale movement patterns create the most impressive and eye-catching effect that fully immerses you.

Infinite Possibilities

Mega Size Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz lends tremendous magnificence to your interior design in a perfect balance between visual shock and aesthetics. It not only gives you a stone, but also a life attitude and taste. Quadmatching, sometimes referred to as diamond matching, refers to symmetrically aligning four neighboring slabs to create a diamond-shaped pattern or an X pattern. It requires more slabs than bookmatching to create the effect. Explore the infinite possibilities for different layouts right now, whether you are looking for bookmatching or quadmatching (See the example section of 6022 quartz).

Bookmatched Calacatta 6022
Bookmatching Calacatta
Bookmatch Calacatta Quartz PMC1622

What Choices Are There for Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz?

The vein's directionality, dynamics, and uniformity can create different layouts with pattern that have different aesthetics. Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz can be different in three respects:

  • Background color: white, dark, colorful, etc.
  • Type of pattern: austere, shapely, rich, magnificent, etc.
  • Veining: diagonal, parallel, multidirectional veins, etc.

Does Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz Cost More Than Other Applications?

Bookmatching is regularly a little more expensive compared to other applications. The procedure required to fabricate it is more time-consuming. There are also layout restrictions that may lead to wasted material. However, Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz is a good choice when compared to Bookmatched Calacatta Marble. By virtue of the high performance of quartz with perfect layout aesthetics and competitive prices, you will definitely fall in love with it!

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Calacatta Quartz PMC1622
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