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PANMIN is the first choice when it comes to quality and durable floorings. At PANMIN, we know the value placed on the flooring of a building, as it is a significant aspect of any interior design. As such, we provide floorings of the highest quality and strength. The beauty of our flooring designs is unmatched, and their durability and resilience are equal to none. Here, we strive to provide our clients with only floorings that are long-lasting, easy to maintain, and of course, a beauty to behold.

Have you heard of our irresistible Granite flooring yet?

Granite is a form of natural stone obtained from cooled magma. Floor granite is highly sought after by people interested in beauty, resistance, and durability. Most people limit them to lavish projects, but we assure you that granite floors are suitable for your homes and everyday spaces as well.

Granite floorings are virtually indestructible. They are highly durable floorings that can last for generations with easy maintenance. They are non-porous, therefore, highly resistant to water and moisture. Granite floors have a unique grain movement and pattern that always give a space that glossy, elegant finish.

These floorings come in many colors, patterns, and tones; therefore, everybody has a design that suits them!

No matter the design, our Granite Floorings can achieve it!

Another beautiful thing about granite floors is their style versatility. They can be produced to have different looks and finishes. Your floor can be honed, polished, flamed, or brushed.

They can even be used for a seamless flooring design (depends on colors). This look is achievable due to their ability to have paper-thin joints that are almost invisible to see. Your floor can look like a continuous slab of granite that goes onto the walls.

No matter what look you are trying to achieve; our floor designs can bring it to life.

Veined Granite? Yes, please!

Granite often has speckles of colors and tones. However, there are also veined granite slabs that have long, meandering lines of color running along the stone surface.

Veined granite floors add a stunning, natural tone to space. This beautiful type of granite is an absolute pleasure to the eyes. A pleasure you can obtain from PANMIN!

We also have Quartz floorings!

Quartz floorings are the flooring option if you want a modern look. It is still as durable and non-porous as floor granite and also an easy-to-maintain flooring option.

Unlike most floors, quartz floorings do not necessarily require any treatments or sealing after the initial installation. Just install your floors and you’re good to go!

Quartz floorings come in many different colors, patterns, and finishes, all of them equally attractive, just for you!

Custom-made floorings?

Definitely! We believe in diversity and uniqueness in taste and choice; therefore, we offer our customers exactly that. Whatever tone, color, or pattern you wish to have on your granite or quartz floorings, we will ensure that you achieve it. At PANMIN, customer satisfaction is a priority we never overlook.

We are your dream shop!

We guarantee that you would get precisely the flooring you’ve wished for and more!

High-quality service is what we promise, from your purchase to delivery. Our experts simply cannot wait to transform your space with our excellent floorings.

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