Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces from PANMIN

Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces from PANMIN - An innovative choice for superior surfaces, meticulously crafted to ensure both high performance and safety during fabrication. The composition modifications made to our product uphold its durability without compromise. Certified by reputable organizations and rigorously tested by SGS and other quality assurance protocols, our surfaces guarantee reliability in the market.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our product. Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces are environmentally friendly, incorporating recycled materials and minerals into their composition. They epitomize ecological reliability, manufactured using renewable electric energy sources such as solar power and recycled water.

Versatile and adaptable, Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces find application in a myriad of areas including benchtops, splashbacks, wall paneling, vanity tops, flooring, and more. Experience firsthand the assurance of quality, durability, and sustainability with PANMIN's Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces.


Discover the Excellence of Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces by PANMIN

Zero Crystalline Silica Surfaces(120x120)
Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces

Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces by PANMIN mark a significant advancement in material technology, presenting a novel formulation devoid of crystalline silica. This innovation is pivotal in safeguarding the well-being of workers within the stone fabrication industry. PANMIN's commitment to health and safety instills confidence and peace of mind in our clientele.

Durability of PANMIN's Low Silica Surfaces
Enduring Quality

Despite formulation adjustments during its development, PANMIN's Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces remain resilient, validated through SGS and other quality assurance methodologies. Customers can rely on its performance for their design endeavors with assurance.

PANMIN's Low Silica Surfaces is Certified
Certified Assurance

PANMIN's Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces not only prioritize safety but also boast UL and CE certifications. They hold NSF and UL Greenguard Gold approvals, ensuring food safety and freedom from VOCs. Manufactured in ISO-certified facilities complying with ISO 9001: ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health and Safety and ISO 14001:2005 for Environmental Management System, the products meet stringent quality standards. CE certification ensures conformity with EU regulations, guaranteeing product excellence.

Sustainability of PANMIN's Low Silica Surfaces
Environmental Responsibility

Crafted with sustainability in mind, PANMIN's Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces are manufactured using a blend of recycled materials and minerals, alongside solar electricity and recycled water systems. This comprehensive approach to production not only minimizes waste but also reduces environmental impact. The entire process is in alignment with the increasing call for environmental consciousness, sustainability, and consumer responsibility.

Various Applications of PANMIN's Low Silica Surfaces
Versatile Applications

PANMIN's Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces offer exceptional versatility, suitable for an array of applications including benchtops, vanity tops, table tops, wall paneling, flooring, and more. They empower designers and architects to unleash their creativity in both commercial and residential projects.

With Crystalline Silica Free Formula
Up to 30% Minerals for Best Result
Up to 70% Recycled Raw Materials
Nearly 100% Recycled Water
Nearly 100% Power from Solar Energy
Low Silica Surfaces Available in PANMIN

FAQs of Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces

1. What are Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces?

Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces by PANMIN are our latest innovation, crafted using recycled materials and minerals, designed to offer a cystalline silica-free surface solution. Engineered without crystalline silica, these surfaces provide the aesthetic appeal and durability of traditional engineered stone. Joiners and cabinet makers can confidently manufacture and install our Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces, promoting a safer work environment.

2. Will the quality of Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces be maintained or enhanced after transitioning to a crystalline silica-free formulation?

Absolutely. Even after transitioning to a Crystalline Silica Free formulation, the quality of PANMIN's surfaces remains uncompromised. Rigorously certified by UL, CE, and ISO, our surfaces uphold high standards of quality and reliability.

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3. Is cutting Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces the same as cutting regular stone?

Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces by PANMIN are of comparable quality and performance to conventional stone products. The cutting process remains unchanged, requiring no additional labor.

4. What are the advantages of using Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces as crystalline silica-free worktops?

Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces by PANMIN, free from crystalline silica content, contribute to a safer working environment. These surfaces offer a variety of colors, resist stains and scratches, provide heat resistance, are easy to maintain, and boast exceptional durability. It's crucial to note that full protective measures should still be observed during processing and cutting to minimize health risks further. Compliance with local and national safety regulations is essential for ensuring a healthier work environment. Choosing Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces aligns with these objectives by providing a product that enhances safety while offering practical and aesthetic benefits.

5. Does Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces come with a warranty?

Yes. Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces by PANMIN comes with a 15-year warranty for residential use and a 10-year warranty for commercial use. Detailed warranty information can be found on our website. Detailed warranty information is available on our website.

6. Why do we need minerals?

Our Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces blend minerals with recycled glass, We do not only use glass, because a higher % of glass is prone to warping, lacks sufficient hardness, and tends to have green or blue hues. By adding minerals, we achieve better flatness, enhanced durability, and improved color consistency.

Choose PANMIN for Exceptional Low Silica Surfaces

Choose PANMIN for Exceptional Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces

Ready to discover the unmatched quality and eco-consciousness of Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces? Connect with PANMIN today to learn more about our innovative surfaces that are both high-performing and environmentally sustainable.

Experience the perfect blend of craftsmanship, durability, and responsible manufacturing with Crystalline Silica Free Surfaces.

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