What is Calacatta quartz?

Calacatta quartz is similar in appearance to the natural beauty of Calacatta marble. It can be recognizable by a bright white background with striking veining. Colors of Calacatta quartz can range from regular Calacatta White to Calacatta Gold to Calacatta gray. With characteristics of scratch-resistant and very easy to maintains, Calacatta quartz is a perfect choice for living spaces. Calacatta quartz is usually pair with white cabinets gives to the whole kitchen or bathroom an elegant vibe.

Why choose Calacatta quartz over Calacatta marble?

What is the different between  Calacatta and Carrara quartz from appearance?

Calacatta Quartz and Carrara Quartz were inspired by the look and feel of authentic natural marble stone.

However, Carrara quartz has different shades of blue-gray. Veins are softer and have more delicate veins that can easy to blend in well with interior living space. Calacatta quartz is more dramatic and wider veins than Carrara quartz and easy to catch your eyes in interior decoration.

More reasons?

Price & Appearance

Calacatta marble is so prized than Calacatta quartz as its quarry from nature with natural beauty. Different minerals of Calacatta marble present in the earth give it unique colors and patterns. But it may have odd spots that you may not like. Calacatta quartz can fix this problem.


Calacatta marble is made up of calcite means it is a soft and porous material that can absorb liquids and cause stains. It is more prone to stains and burning than Calacatta quartz. Calacatta quartz is much much more durable than Calacatta marble for its nonporous than won’t absorb liquids and virtually maintenance-free.


Calacatta quartz is a man-made stone, unlike natural stones which mean various colors and veins can be made for homeowners. PANMIN has over 2000+ product formulations (all colors) to meet your need.

Which Calacatta quartz should I choose?

When it comes to picking a stone to decorate your living space, choosing Calacatta quartz countertops can a good choice for elegance and sophisticated style. PANMIN provides not just one Calacatta color, but several.

Supernature Calacatta Monochrome: 6022 quartz

6022 quartz- Featuring dark black flowing veins running through the white base, 6022 quartz breaks with the traditional Calacatta white quartz colors and adds black elements to contrast evokes a feeling of high-end look. Industrial names for our 6022 quartz could be Calacatta Black.

Glorious Calacatta Gold: 6033 quartz

6033 quartz- Characterized by white bases with stunning golden veins, it is ideal for creating a sense of luxury in the most exclusive of spaces. Industrial names for our 6033 Calacatta quartz with gold veins could be Calacatta Gold.

Classic Calacatta White: 6020 quartz,6073 quartz, 6022 quartz, 6033 quartz, 6077 quartz, 6082 quartz, etc

6020 quartz and 6073 is the tradtional Calacatta white quartz most looks like Calacatta marble.

6020 quartz- Brown soft veins striking on snow-white quartz surfaces can bring a dramatic effect in interior decoration. Industrial names for our 6020 quartz could be Calacatta Laza.

6073 quartz- It brings you cascading gray veins flowing through the whole white quartz base giving a touch of fashion indulgence for interior design. Industrial names for our 6073 quartz could be Calacatta Bella, Calacatta Fantasy.

Mysterious Calacatta Black:6050 quartz, 6045 quartz, 6006 quartz

6050 quartz- With plenty of white flowing veins expand to the whole black background adds glamorous and mystery to the interior design. You will love this design if you like the black quartz slab for your project. Industrial names for our 6050 quartz could be Calacatta Angola, Marquina.

Warm Calacatta Brown: 6029 quartz, 6034 quartz, 6001 quartz

6062 quartz- This is a down-to-earth and sophisticated quartz color with delicate veins much like the earth, which can bring a feeling of safety, which can is well balanced with other colors in interior design. Industrial names for our 6062 quartz could be Carmello.

Why should you choose our Calacatta quartz countertops?

PANMIN is a comprehensive and professional Calacatta quartz manufacturer. Our products have the following advantages:

  • Up to 92% of natural quartz with resin and pigments
  • Cooperate with premium resin supplier who provides "non-toxic resin"
  • Say no to Calcium Carbonate to ensure our quartz products vivid and solid after years
  • Avoid using Cobaltous Naphthenate and Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide in the production process

Various Calacatta Quartz Countertop Colors are Available

  • More than 2000+ product formulations (all colors)
  • Providing OEM products with a private label
  • Low MOQ for only 30 pieces of slabs

Quartz Countertops Prices Matter

The price of carrara quartz is affected by the type of product, but the price provided by PANMIN has always been competitive. PANMMIN can provide A or B-grade quartz slabs or fabricated products with competitive prices as the needs of different customers.

Stable Supply

  • 5 production lines in China and 2 production lines in Cambodia for globally supply
  • Own factory and land for stable production

Quartz Slab Specifications

  • Minimum length and width are 2200*1200MM (86 * 47 ") to the maximum mega size of 3500*2000MM (137 3/4 * 78 3/4")
  • Thinnest 12MM to the thickest 30MM can be offered
  • Quartz finishes including polished, honed, leathered, and raw finishes

Years of Experiences for the Stone Industry

  • More than 3 decades of history in the stone industry
  • Supply more than 500,000 square meters per year
  • Supply 350,000 sets of kitchen countertops and 501,200 sets of bathroom vanity tops from 2012 to 2018 and keep rising after that
  • Successful stone projects involve hospitality brands like Marriott, Holiday Inn, Sheraton Hotel, Hyatt, Wyndham, and Hilton DoubleTree Hotel and luxury apartment brand with The Village at Lake Lily and AMLI Residential
quartz size - 699x396quartz size - 433x265

Professional Certification Endorsement

Get product qualification certification such as SGS, NSF, UL, and so on for consecutive 9 years

Technical Info.

Industrial Leading Warranty

Provide a 15-year residential warranty and a 10-year commercial warranty for our quartz products

Warranty Info.

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