PANMIN Offers High Quality Desk Tops & Table Tops

We are the top choice of manufacturers of quartz, granite, and natural stone tabletops in Cambodia and China. Our services are certified to give your table top that dream look you've always wanted. With a wide range of colors to choose from, you will not be left disappointed when going through our collection. Our slabs and table tops come in a variety of tones and patterns to satisfy your unique taste.

Not just concerned with the aesthetics, our quality desk tops are manufactured with durability and ease as a central focal point. We are well aware of the daily strain on table tops, so we produce easy-to-maintain materials that will last longer than the average.

Premium White Quartz Tabletops with Cabinet

We produce premium quartz table tops

Quartz table tops are widely sought after by homeowners. This is primarily because of their high durability and the versatile range of colors they offer. Quartz stone table tops are made from high-quality ground natural quartz with polymer resins. They have an appealing appearance that is smooth, uniform, and glossy. They are non-porous, which dramatically increases their durability.

Our quartz table tops are scratch, stain, and bacteria-resistant because of their non-porosity. They are incredibly dense and hard, so the risk of chipping is also minimal. They are the best desk top option to provide that elegant finish to your room and workspace.

Granite Table Tops with Flower Decoration

Do you want granite table tops? We have them too!

Granite table tops are indispensable in the world of décor. Whether you wish to install a granite desk top in your workspace, or a beautiful round granite table top in your kitchen, their unmatched beauty goes unchanged. Granite table tops have a natural origin in cooled magma. Because of this, every granite slab is a unique piece. They also come in a diverse range of colors and patterns, so there is always that perfect granite desk top for you.

Granite table tops are heat-resistant, hence their best use is as kitchen countertops. But that shouldn't stop you from having a unique granite table top in your den or living room. PANMIN granite table tops are treated and sealed for durability and easy maintenance. You can shop through our collection of colors and patterns for your favorite finish.

You can have your dream table top!

At PANMIN, stone table tops with varying textures, tones, patterns, and colors are available for your home décor. We will provide you with table tops according to your specifications, customized to suit your home perfectly. We believe our clients deserve to have the home design of their dreams, and we work tirelessly to ensure they get just that.

Quartz 6068 for Desk Tops Application
Quartz 6022 for Desk Tops Application

Our new quartz collection, Calligraphy, adds a stunning finish to your table top surface. This collection is made with the most advanced technology in the quartz industry, giving it a burst of never-seen-before colors and patterns.


We're a one-stop shop!

You can have all your tabletop needs satisfied in one place, by one company. No running around involved as we take care of production. Our team of trained professionals is always on deck to ensure that our clients receive the premium services they deserve.

White Quartz Countertops with Wooden Cabinet
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