What Is Carrara Quartz?

Carrara quartz is a man-made stone that mimics natural Carrara marble. Carrara quartz is a beautiful, iconic luxury surface that offers all the aesthetic advantages of Carrara marble, minus the shortcomings of having to be extracted from nature. Carrara quartz maintains its brand-new appearance with minimal maintenance. Scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, very durable, and a beautiful appearance will make you fall in love with Carrara quartz countertops.

There are many options for Carrara quartz countertops, but they all have something in common. The background of this artificial quartz is usually white, light gray or brown, but white Carrara quartz countertops are the most popular of all the types of Carrara quartz. Carrara quartz is associated with luxury and elegance, which can be matched with white cabinets and a backsplash with darker tones to capture the contrast of the colors.

Differences Between Carrara Quartz and Carrara Marble

Competitive Price

Carrara quartz is more affordable than Carrara marble.

Price is an important factor to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect countertop. Quartz is less expensive than marble. Many homeowners have turned to quartz with a luxurious marble appearance to achieve a countertop that meets the needs of both their budget and their lifestyle. PANMIN provides competitive prices for Carrara quartz, with the slab price of Carrara quartz depending on different veins and workmanship.

Physical Performance

Carrara quartz is more difficult to stain than Carrara marble.

Natural Carrara marble can be damaged by everyday spills in the kitchen, such as juice, vinegar, and wine. Due to their acidity, these liquids erode the marble surface, leaving traces of dull marks that cannot be removed. Carrara quartz countertops are the perfect choice for the lowest maintenance without having to worry about stains as the material is non-porous.

More Choices

 Carrara quartz is more diverse than Carrara marble.

Carrara marble is a natural stone and must be extracted from a quarry, while Carrara quartz is a man-made stone made of the mineral quartz. This mineral quartz is an abundant mineral, ensuring the consistency of style and color in the manufacturing process.

Through comparison, it is not difficult to find that choosing Carrara quartz has more advantages than Carrara marble.

Which Carrara Quartz Should I Choose?

Whether or not you're looking for quartz that resembles your favorite marble, there is a wide variety of options. Our Carrara quartz comes in the following colors:

Traditional White Collection: 6501 Quartz, 6558 Quartz, 6519 Quartz, 6518 Quartz, 6576 Quartz

6501 Quartz – This is a classic type of quartz that looks most like Carrara marble. With dramatic textures of creamy white and short spiral veins, this popular choice can create a uniquely elegant and luxurious look for your kitchen or other spaces, just like real marble. Industrial names for our 6501 quartz include Carrara Griogio, Carrara Mist, Frosty Carrina, Cashmere Carrara, etc.

6518 Quartz - This is a soft white quartz with gray veins. It blends well with different cabinets colors in interior decoration. Industrial names for our 6518 quartz include Vena Carrara, Carrara Cloud, etc.

Carrara Quartz 6501

PANMIN goes beyond the colors and matching that Carrara gave traditional white bases in the past, and has developed the following exclusive Carrara quartz countertops with various colors and veins:


Carrara Quartz 6505
Retro Brown Collection: 6505 Quartz, 6599 Quartz, 6521 Quartz, 6580 Quartz

6505 Quartz – Brown surfaces of Carrara quartz with a touch of exquisite veins create a feeling of stability and comfort. 6505 quartz seduces with its attractive design. Industrial names for our 6505 quartz include Imperial Brown, Zodiaq Imperial, and NQ94.

Modern Grey Collection: 6559 Quartz

6559 Quartz – High-grade gray dotted with simple veins expand the whole surface, giving people a tranquil visual feeling. Industrial names for our 6559 quartz include Unistone Grey Savoye.

White Quartz 1010 for Kitchen Countertops with White Cabinet

Why Should You Choose Our Carrara Quartz Countertops?

  • High-quality natural quartz with resin and pigments
  • We cooperate with premium resin suppliers who provide "non-toxic resin"
  • By saying no to calcium carbonate, we ensure our quartz products remain vivid and solid after years
  • No cobalt naphthenate and methyl ethyl ketone peroxide is used in the production process

Various Carrara Quartz Countertop Colors are Available

  • More than 2,000+ product formulations (all colors)
  • Providing OEM products with private labels
  • Low minimum order quantity of only 30 slabs

Quartz Countertop Prices Matter

The price of Carrara quartz is affected by the type of product, but the prices PANMIN offers have always been competitive. PANMIN can provide A or B-grade quartz slabs or fabricated products with competitive prices according to the needs of different customers.

Stable Supply

  • PANMIN has 5 production lines in China and 2 production lines in Cambodia for a global supply
  • Factories and land are owned by PANMIN for stable production
White Quartz 5341 for Vanity Tops

Quartz Slab Specifications

  • Minimum length and width are 2,200 * 1, 200 mm (86 * 47 in), with a maximum Mega Size of 3,500 * 2,000 mm (138 * 79 in)
  • Can be offered as thin as 12 mm and up to 30 mm at the thickest
  • PANMIN white quartz finishes include polished, honed, leathered, and raw finishes

Years of Experience in the Stone Industry

  • A history of more than 3 decades in the stone industry
  • Supplying more than 500,000 square meters per year
  • Supplied 350,000 sets of kitchen countertops and 501,200 sets of bathroom vanity tops between 2012 and 2018, with an increase since then
  • Successful stone projects with hospitality brands like Marriott, Holiday Inn, Sheraton Hotel, Hyatt, Wyndham, and Hilton DoubleTree Hotel and luxury apartment brands such as The Village at Lake Lily and AMLI Residential
Calacatta Quartz 6068 with the Size of 3500*2000MMCalacatta Quartz 6061 with the Size of 2200*1200MM

Endorsed by Professional Certification

PANMIN has received product qualification certification such as SGS, NSF, UL, and more for 9 consecutive years.

Tech & Certificates

Industry-Leading Warranty

PANMIN provides a 15-year residential warranty and a 10-year commercial warranty for our quartz products (white quartz included).

Warranty Info.
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