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PANMINQUARTZ Offfice Building

Powerful Global Production Capacity

PANMIN has 5 production lines in China and 4 production lines in Cambodia for a global supply. A powerful global production network that can integrate resources to supply the best stone products and services.

About Cambodian Quartz Factory Zulite Stone

Wide Range of Services

PANMIN provides OEM products for customization and a wide range of value-added services, including but not limited to instant quotation, takeoff, shop drawings, fabrication, and loading photos to optimize your sourcing process.

Rich Variety of Product Categories & Applications

PANMIN is a professional stone supplier that not only produces slabs and prefabs, but also fabricated products: Countertops, Table Tops, Vanity Tops, Shower Panels, Flooring...

International Certifications and Evaluations

Quality and technological innovation are priorities for PANMIN. We have been certified by renowned institutions like CE, NSF and GREENGUARD Gold and our products have been tested by SGS and TÜV.

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Get Low Silica Surfaces from PANMIN

Discover PANMIN's remarkable low-silica surfaces, carefully developed through extensive research and development since 2018.

Less than 40% Silica Surfaces
<40% Silica
R&D Since 2018 of PANMIN's Low Silica Surfaces
R&D Since 2018
Durability of PANMIN's Low Silica Surfaces
PANMIN's Low Silica Surfaces is Certified
Sustainability of PANMIN's Low Silica Surfaces
Various Applications of PANMIN's Low Silica Surfaces
Various Applications
Why Low Silica Surfaces
PANMIN Why Low Silica Surfaces Page
Customers Consultation for the PANMINQuartz Stone Surfaces 6022

Amazing Mega Size Available!

PANMIN proudly offers the industry-leading Mega Size to its customers. With our Mega Size quartz slabs, you can expect fewer seam lines and a much higher yield rate.

Bookmatched slabs are also available in Mega Size for the maximum effect. The Mega Size mirroring effect of bookmatched slabs combined with Calacatta quartz renowned for its dramatic veins will without a doubt give you the aesthetic you want.

Yield rate up to 1.5 times higher
67% larger size
3500 * 2000 Mega Size
(138 * 79 in)
Calacatta Bookmatching
View Bookmatched Calacatta Quartz
Quartz 6020 for Kitchen Countertops

Unique Colors

Dedicated to the most sophisticated designs and top durability for over 30 years, PANMINQUARTZ® will realize your dream!

See some more our featured colors.

Featured Products

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