Get Stunning Quartz Shower Panels from PANMIN

Are you tired of boring shower panels and thinking of replacing them with mod-colored granite shower panels or quartz shower panels? PANMIN brought you an opportunity to upgrade your home décor with our incredible quartz products. The best thing about PANMIN is that you can use our quartz products as shower panels. We have the best quality quartz products that would enhance your shower panels seamlessly and would offer you a much high yield rate!

Creamy White Quartz Shower Walls with Gray Veins

Can we install quartz slabs for shower walls?

Most of us are concerned about whether they can install quartz slabs for shower walls, so the answer is “Yes!” it is one of the biggest perks of quartz slabs that you can elegance to your shower walls by adding quartz wall in your bathroom. Quartz slabs give you the freedom to get your favorite bathroom makeover. Replace your tiles with quartz slabs to get truly beautiful, elegant, watertight, and low-maintenance shower walls in your bathroom. Quartzite shower walls are high in trend, and people like to enhance the look of their bathroom using quartzite shower panels.

Creamy White Quartz Shower Walls with Gray Veins

Is quartz good for shower panel walls?

Some people are still wondering why they should use quartz products for shower panels. So we have brought here some reasons why quartz products like quartz shower walls are good for your bathroom.

First of all, quartz shower walls are sturdy and seamless as compared to tiling; that’s why people mostly like to add quartz shower panels in their bathrooms.

Secondly, quartz is stronger than natural stone; that’s why people like it for its durability.

Although quartz is an engineered product, it is a low-maintenance product despite being non-porous.

Being man-made, quartz products can give you an opportunity to enjoy tailored designs right according to the designing needs of your bathroom. With this incredible material, you can make your shower walls look like leather, gravel, or any fabric! So, say goodbye to the boring shower walls and enjoy new quartzite shower walls!

How much do Quartz shower walls cost?

The Quartz shower walls cost also depends on the area of the application and the quality of the quartz walls. Most importantly, the price also depends on the provider that you are getting your quartz shower walls for you.

Quartz 6020 for Shower Panels Application
Quartz 6317 for Shower Panels Application


If you want to upgrade your bathing area with a new style quartz shower panel, you must not forget to visit PANMIN and check our latest wide collection of quartz products. We promise the quality and durability of our quartz panels. In addition, our online shop has a wide variety of quartz, including an excessive range of colors and textures that will give a whole new look to your bathrooms.

Definitely! We believe in diversity and uniqueness in taste and choice; therefore, we offer our customers exactly that. Whatever tone, color, or pattern you wish to have on your granite or quartz floorings, we will ensure that you achieve it. At PANMIN, customer satisfaction is a priority we never overlook.

Time to take action!

What are you exactly waiting for then? Replace your ordinary shower panel tiles with a quartz shower panel!

White Quartz Countertops with Wooden Cabinet

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