Why Panmin

Better Choice for Your Home

PANMINQUARTZ® is made with industry standard manufacturing production line by blending up to 92% of natural quartz with resin and pigments.

Every slab of PANMINQUARTZ® has been carefully produced and inspected to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Compared to marble, granite, laminate and solid surface, PANMINQUARTZ® have more performance advantages:
ItemPANMINQUARTZGraniteMarbleLaminateSolid Surfaces
Manufacturer-backed warranty    
Strength & durability    
Low maintenance    
Color consistency  
Nonporous & nonabsorbent  
Heat resistant    
Stain resistant   
Scratch resistant  
Resistant to bacteria, mold and mildew  
Resistant to household cleansers   

Natural Raw Materials & Environment-friendly Manufacturing Process

PANMIN is a responsible and human-based employer. Our employees enjoy a safe workplace and we strive to offer employees more and better company welfare and benefits.
1. For the optimal formulation of physical properties of our quartz, we only use the best raw materials during the manufacturing process.

2. We never replace fine quartz sand with Calcium Carbonate, so that our product can keep the same vivid color after years.

3. We avoid using Cobaltous Naphthenate and Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide, so that our surface can be as strong as it should be.

4. Strict Quality Control Process including 6 points measurement on every piece of slab to make sure same thickness and flatness.

5. PANMIN vigorously advocates the importance of recycling material for the purpose of environmental protection and preserving the world’s resources. We ensure that all waste such as raw materials and plastics used in the process of fabrication is collected and reused, 100% of the water used in polishing is recycled, and excess dust in the factory is collected by using advanced filtering systems.

Custom Color Available

Choosing the right surface for your space will increase your satisfaction for staying indoors. In order to enhance your comfortable sensation not matter at home or at the office, our Custom Color option would maximize your experience feeling.


In addition to our designed colors ranging from classic collections and natural collections, PANMIN also provides custom-made colors for customers with other special requests, and to help customers express their artistic ideas.

High Grade

With the effortless work of our R&D team, PANMIN will offer same high grade custom quartz surface which can withstand heat, spills, and scratches. They could be not only beautiful but also durable, unique and time-tested, and even more, and easy-to-care as our regular product lines.


Depends on different technics involved, for certain colors we can provide the first sample within 5 business days. What’s more, not only fast lead time but also low MOQ request. Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to all custom-made colors is 30 pieces of slab.

From Nature Quartz Sands to Quartz Slabs, and to Part of Your Space

With an office in Xiamen and a quartz slabs production plant in Zhangzhou, PANMIN is also affiliated to its partner company DEYUAN STONE.
DEYUAN STONE is one of the biggest stone suppliers in China with experience since 1990 in kitchen and bathroom industry and has an own fabrication center where Computer Numerical Control (CNC) and other fabrication machines are installed to process the quartz surface from quartz slabs to part of your space.
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