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Panminquartz Product Technical Data 2021

Download the document of Panminquartz Product Technical Data 2021 for more information on quartz surfaces, including quartz dimensions, performance data, etc. PANMIN provides three product dimensions including SUPER MEGA size of  3530*2030 MM (139*80"), JUMBO size of 3230*1630 MM(127*64"), STANDARD size of 3030 MM*1430MM (119*56").  Our SUPER MEGA sizes can create the best impressive and eye-catching effect that makes you totally immersed in it. PANMINQUARTZ® is made with an industry-standard manufacturing production line by blending high-quality natural quartz with resin and pigments. It is a premium engineered stone that can be applied for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, tabletops, shower panels, floorings and more.

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