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Quartz 1073 Residential Project 2018

The 2018 residential apartment project was enhanced with PANMINQUARTZ's PMQ1073 material, crafted in China. This quartz material added both elegance and durability to the apartment project, elevating its overall appeal.

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Quartz 1073 Residential Project 2017

The 2017 Fairfield Inn project with PMQ1073 material showcased our ability to deliver custom cut-to-size quartz products for the hospitality industry. Produced in China, the PMQ1073 added an elegant touch to the hotel's interiors, enhancing the guest experience.

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Quartz 1073 Residential Project 2017

This residential project, produced in 2017 in China, utilized PMQ1073 from PANMINQUARTZ. Its sophisticated style added a touch of luxury to the apartment project.

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