Top 5 Trending Calacatta Quartz Colors and Patterns for Modern Homes

Out of the randomness of all those styles, Calacatta quartz is special thanks to its own kind of beauty, especially in modern and contemporary settings. Every choice is both visually unique with pure white slabs imbued with an understated sophistication to bold black and white patterns that creates the perfect contrast. Celebrate the even more timeless grace and performance of Calacatta quartz with our handpicked choices that guarantee to convert any location to a fashionable resort.

Stone Surfaces PMC2034
Stone Surfaces PMC2034

Subtle Elegance with Soft Marble-Like Appearance

Visual Appeal

Calacatta quartz worktops with their soft, marble-like appearance encompass the very essence of modern design and are consequently, very popular in modern interiors. It also simulates the appearance of marble so perfectly, with the fine lines and smooth look. It is especially popular for the way it brightens up rooms and brings an air of elegance to any environment.

Specifications Overview

Calacatta quartz is sold at different thicknesses - usually 12 mm to 30 mm, accommodating a wide variety of installation demands. Depending on the look desired, the finishes can be polished or honed, the tactile sensation through these will fundamentally change. This is a good choice for a beautiful shiny finish that is easy to clean and great for the kitchen and baths.


Classic White Veined Quartz

Design Attributes

This quartz oval kitchen islands with backsplash features classic white tone and veined appearance inspired by the high end marble only it is more durable and consistent. The veins are often a soft grey or cream color, which offers a subtle contrast and increases the overall vibrancy of the white background. The design also makes a perfect fit for areas with wanted wide and light-filled spaces.

Dimensional Details

The slabs are white quartz slabs with veining that range from 3000 mm x 1400 mm in size to 3200 mm x 1600 mm, standard and jumbo slabs; available thickness options include 12 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm, and 30 mm. These styles can seemingly suit everything from a broad kitchen island to a fragile bathroom vanity.

Stone Surfaces PMC1269
Stone Surfaces PMC1907-1

Bold Black and White Patterns

Unique Pattern Characteristics

This is a pattern that is obtained only as a result of a perfect mixing combination of natural quartz and pigments to keep clear-cut lines between black and whiteplaces. It offers dramatic contrast but can also function as a focal point in minimalist decors or as an interesting element to complement a more eclectic style.

Maintenance and Sustainability

It is important to clean regularly using a non-abrasive cleaner. Spills should be wiped away immediately especially those of acidic substances as they can cause permanent staining. From an environmental standpoint this quartz was made to be made sustainably, with recycled materials and minimal waste in the manufacturing process. The manufacturing plants comply with stringent environmental norms to decrease carbon emissions.


Minimalist Chic with Pure White Quartz

Aesthetic Details

Clean visual lines and sleek, unblemished surface create the embodiment of minimalist chic in pure white quartz, and thus it has become increasingly sought-after in modern, streamlined designs. This type of quartz gives clean-lined sophistication that pairs well with everything from Scandia to ultra-modern looks. Its consistency of color makes it unify many spaces with all sorts of other textiles.

Size and Finish Options

This quartz is offered in a range of sizes, including standard slabs of 3000 mm x 1400 mm and jumbo sizes up to 3200 mm x 1600 mm, enabling flexibility for various project sizes. The finishing alternatives are glossy polished that leave the skin of the granite slab in a high glossy, reflective pattern or may be honed giving a distinctive matte look.

Stone Surfaces PMC2206
Stone Surfaces PMC2412

Dark Sophistication in Quartz

Visual and Texture Overview

With a dark grey base and soft veining, this quartz has an elegant appearance capable of bringing a modern, rich essence to your home. This quartz is an interpretation of the dark indigo polish marks within granite; it has a natural feel with its deep shadows and movements, offering an elegant yet dramatic finish.

Product Customization

With a variety of design options, this material can be customized to suit your style preferences or project needs. Sizes of the slabs are available from standard to jumbo size, for example 3200 mm x 1600 mm, which enable large and seamless surfaces with limited number of joints. There are tailor-made finishes as well, from high-gloss polish that can bring out the vividness of a stone to a soft matte finish that can take the edge off its look.


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