Top 5 Trending Calacatta Quartz Colors and Patterns for Modern Homes

These are the top 5 Calacatta Quartz colors and patterns homeowners are choosing for 2019 to update the sophistication and style of their interiors. Available in luxurious White with Gold Veins to bold Bold Black with White Veins, each pattern provides distinctive attributes, that elevate the design and the utility of modern homes.


Stone Surfaces PMC1887


White with Gold Veins

White with golden veins - the height of luxuriousness and class. This marble has a crisp white base and very fine gold veins that are light in colour yet make an impact. Perfect for high-end homes, the gold veins give an air of refinement. The combination between the white and an elegant gold creates an attractive colour which gives off a timeless and versatile vibe.


Stone Surfaces PMC1887


There are multiple findings regarding the white with gold veins sequence. Thermally aCatable in one direction (12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm thickness) Homeowners can opt for refined finishes such as polished and honed or, for a more organic look, select exclusive leacrete finishes for an authentic, textured finish. It is also available in various sizes, which include the Standard (3,000 × 1,400 mm), Jumbo (3,200 × 1,600 mm), and Mega (3,500 × 2,000 mm) patterns catered for respective space needs.



Subtle White Veining

This delicate white veining is the ultimate in pure elegance. This design features a light off white and cream background with gentle veining to give a delicate, serene and sophisticated look. It may feature a soft veining to create a sense of depth and interest, but it is very subtle in overall appearance and can be perfect for the most minimal-minded homeowners. This pattern is soothing as well as rhythmically patterns and adds a sense of peacefulness to any room, making it the perfect pattern if you are wanting to make any room more comfortable and tied-together.

Design Integration

Adding the soft white veining pattern to your space is simple and provides a big effect. This simplistic pattern style is perfect for clean interiors such as minimalist or scandinavian, where less is more. For example, this quartz works well in a minimalist kitchen with white or light wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances for visual harmony. The not-too-obvious veining blends seamlessly into a neutral-colored room, supporting a cohesive look, yet retaining its elegance without being ostentatious.

Stone Surfaces PMC2273

White with Grey Veins 

The white with grey veins pattern is a mix of classic and contemporary that works for any style. The crisp white background with bold grey veining is a bold contrast that catches the eye, making it perfect for rooms that are supposed to be a focal point. Additionally, the dramatic look of bold grey veining is very relevant in modern design, giving off a feeling of modern luxury and statement to homeowners.

Stone Surfaces PMC2261

Design Integration

Incorporating the white with grey veins pattern into home design is both practical and visually appealing. This pattern works exceptionally well in modern and industrial-style interiors. For instance, using this quartz as a kitchen countertop paired with dark cabinetry and stainless steel appliances creates a sleek and sophisticated look. The bold veining enhances the modern aesthetic while providing a durable and functional surface. In bathrooms, this pattern can be used for vanities and shower walls, complemented by chrome fixtures and glass enclosures, creating a spa-like atmosphere.


Bold Black with White Veins 

The bold black with white veins pattern is an excellent choice for those who want to bring drama into their space. This pattern features a deep black background with prominent white veining, creating a high-contrast and attention-grabbing look. The stark contrast between the black and white gives the space a visually stimulating effect, making it the focal point of any room. This pattern is perfect for homeowners who want a modern and edgy look that speaks to sophistication and style.

Design Integration

Incorporating the bold black with white veins pattern into your home’s design will bring a sense of luxury and drama. This pattern will look best in modern, contemporary, and monochromatic spaces. For instance, using this quartz on kitchen counters with a high-gloss white or matte black cabinet will give your home a sleek and luxurious look. The kitchen counter will become the centerpiece with the bold veins acting as a statement piece. At the same time, you can use the same pattern in the bathroom for the vanity top or shower walls, and pair with chrome or matte black plumbing to complete the look.

Stone Surfaces PMC1224HC

Textured Grey with Subtle Veins 

You can enhance the visual beauty of many living spaces by incorporating the textured grey with subtle veins quartz pattern. It can be used effectively in a rustic and farmhouse style, including natural wood and stone. For example, the kitchen countertops or kitchen islands made of this material will provide a cozy and warm ambiance.

Stone Surfaces PMC1016

Visual Appeal

The textured grey with subtle veins quartz pattern offers a great balance of visual and touch sensations. The feeling that soft, undertoned details bear a mild contrast with the surface makes the pattern look appealingly textured, with a soft reminder of what the quartz slab feels like. It is an excellent choice for those who prefer more natural, down-to-earth appearances of their living spaces.


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