Top 5 Unique Calacatta Quartz Styles

When it comes to enhancing the elegance and functionality of your space, nothing compares to the timeless beauty of Calacatta quartz. Known for its striking veining and luxurious appearance, Calacatta quartz offers a versatile and durable solution for a variety of interior design applications.

Stone Surfaces PMC2405

Modern Elegance

This quartz style features subtle grey veins that add an elegant touch to the surface. This quartz is ideal for bringing modern interiors into a perfect equilibrium between minimalist and extravagant aspects. Be it used as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities or even a feature wall the seamless blend of grey veins ensures that this is one product which will go with multiple design aesthetics.

Stone Surfaces PMC2405

High Gloss Finish

This quartz also has a high gloss finish that will further increase the aesthetic value of this material and make it look smooth. A reflective surface here gives you not only more light but also a brighter room due to the appearance of additional space. This is done by using a delicate polishing process which results in getting a surface that definitely will not contain any inconsistencies. The high gloss coating is also super strong and scratch-resistant, which means it can take a beating in the kitchen or bathroom to some extent.



Classic Veining

These gray patterns are what makes it so classically appealing in this style of Quartz. Together, this pairing is visually impactful and will instantly distinguish any surface. The grey veins change in tonal weight and width, making each piece original.

Polished Surface

When the quartz has a polished surface, it appears high-end and luxurious Polishing will be carried out in a series of grades with grinding and polish, which ultimately yields clear reflective finish that amplifies the all-natural beauty from the stone. That shiny finish doesn't just look good, either it actually does something! Extremely scratch- and stain-resistant, so it works well as an everyday surface in high-use spaces.

Timeless Appeal

This gorgeous white quartz is ideal for fashionable kitchen counter tops, toilet vanities and different domestic surfacesanyakitchen. This durability and the minimal upkeep needs make it an even more attractive option, leaving you with a beautiful yet utilitarian feature in your home that will last for many years.

Stone Surfaces PMC1029

Dynamic Contrast

The pronounced veins in this style of quartz are certainly a show stopper. The most obvious veins are the unsymmetrical and irregular lines, making an excitingly vibrant surface. Its bold grey veins atop the white background creates intrigue and is sure to liven up any space.

Stone Surfaces PMC1496

Eye-catching Design

Quartz in this fashion makes a statement that is larger than life. Great for the bold interior designers out there. It is a versatile design making it perfect for modern kitchens, upscale bathrooms and more. The availability of the sizes - standard, jumbo and mega slabs - helps ensure quick installations with minimal joints on large seamless surface areas that add to overall aesthetics. This quartz, one that proves time and again why it is the perfect union of beauty with function provides an elegant solution to any design.



Refined Simplicity 

This quartz style is the personification of simple clean lines with elegant veining patterns, which make it perfect for achieving that minimalist vibe. Veins are gingerly spread throughout sparingly in a delicate, unassuming manner.Counter slabs have a unique look, all with the same pattern that provides just enough visual interest without overwhelming.

Clean Aesthetic

The simplicity of quartz surfaces lend themselves to a broad range of design applications. Another plus point of the design is its minimalist and elegant look that can go along with almost all interior types, from minimalistic to Scandinavian. Thickness: Hickory quartz is available in thickness 12 mm,15mm,18mm,20mm and30m to suit your different project needs.

Stone Surfaces PMC1777

Natural Flow

This quartz features a mix of organic vein patterns that mirror the complex designs found in actual stone. The veins run beautifully over the surface resulting in a visual flow and fluidity. This variation in nature adds more authenticity and character to the quartz.

Stone Surfaces PMC1876

Harmonious Design

The artistic design of this quartz has a blend specific to the color, pattern and texture! Modestly designed, this concept is intended to allow the quartz material a natural fit within a number of different spaces, be they modern minimalist styles or perhaps more rustic and eclectic. The cohesive design is functional too type quartz comes in various slab sizes including standard, jumbo and mega to accommodate customized installations with fewer seams.


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