5 Design Tips For Lighting Quartz Countertops In Commercial Spaces

Quartz Surfaces PMC1607

Choosing The Right Color Temperature

Lighting has a considerable impact on commercial spaces, especially when displaying quartz countertops. Indeed, the color temperature significantly influences the perception of the stone and the customers. For quartz countertops, a color temperature between 3000K and 3500K is usually preferred because it provides a warm and inviting glow. Warm tones emphasize the rich colors and veining of the stone without altering its natural color. The hue and its intensity should remain unchanged. When designing the lighting for quartz countertops in commercial settings, lumens, which are the measurement of total visible light, are essential to consider. In task areas on kitchen counters or in display settings, the fixture should provide between 300 and 500 lumens per square foot. LED lights are often used because they are up to 75% more efficient than incandescent lighting and last 25 times longer.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1909
Quartz Surfaces PMC1909

Placements of Light Fixtures

One of the most common fixed lighting solutions is under-cabinet lighting. It provides direct lighting to the area of the countertop and reduces shadows. Another lighting fixture that is often used in commercial settings over the bar area is pendant lighting. It is an additional source that is often placed between 30 and 36 inches above the quartz countertop. The choice of pendant lighting also contributes to the décor of the space.

Light Quality and the Perception of Colors

The quality of light also significantly affects how the colors of quartz countertops are perceived. For instance, white quartz will look the brightest under cool white light sources, such as 4000K to 5000K bulbs. On the other hand, natural or dark quartz will appear too white and unfriendly. Placing different source lighting settings in situ helps to determine which one to choose. Many lighting fixtures today are dimmable and enable the flexibly to change from task to ambient lighting.

Energy Considerations and Conclusion

One of the considerations for lighting in commercial spaces is that it should be as efficient as possible. Intensity is not always needed as the lights cast a glare, and people often have different levels of light they find comfortable to live in. For retail and commercial spaces, Energy Star-rated lighting should be an option. Not only are they energy efficient, but they also help reduce operational costs. Whether you are in the service industry or selling products, customers who are environmentally conscious appreciate that the space is doing its best to reduce its carbon footprint.

Adding Task Lighting

Task lighting is fundamental in commercial areas, both for functionality and aesthetics, especially when quartz countertops are involved. Responsible task lighting enhances work performance while showcasing the beauty of the countertops. In this regard, there are several features characterizing appropriate task lighting, including the level of brightness, sources of light, and integration with ambient lighting.

Determining Optimal Brightness

The appropriate level for effective task lighting is 500 – 700 lumens per square foot, although either of these values could be used in commercial area lighting as a minimum level of brightness. Detailed tasks should be performed main quartz countertops, for example, in a kitchen or a jeweler’s shop, so the level of brightness had to be increased accordingly. Quartz countertops look best with evenly distributed light, which ensures that none of its parts are in shadow or glaring. Therefore, the task lighting system should also ensure adequate dispersion and direction of light.

Selecting Fixtures

Fixtures for task lighting should also imply adequate light direction. Recessed luminaires may be used to provide a lot of light. By pointing light directly at the countertop, the whole of its surface may be illuminated. Multi-head track lighting could also be used as its heads may be rotated or retracted to concentrate light on its part. Track lighting may be particularly helpful when areas of the commercial space not requiring direct lighting are concerned.

Using Pendant Lights

When it comes to commercial spaces with quartz countertops, pendant lights can be one of the vital elements of decor. These fixtures are not only a source of light but also a style statement and focal point that can enhance the overall ambiance. As such, pendant lights should hang at the appropriate height from the countertop and have an appropriate style. What is more, in these settings, light arrangement should be balanced between multiple fixtures. Lastly, these pendant light should use modern LED technology enabling them to be controllable and energy-efficient.

Appropriate Height

Pendant lights should optima9lly hang 30 to 36 inches from the surface of the countertop. This way, they are able to light the surface efficiently while preventing either glaring or becoming so low to obstruct the view. Massive commercial spaces typically have much higher ceilings, so these lights have to be adjusted accordingly.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1633
Quartz Surfaces PMC1633

Appropriate Style

Pendant lights selected in these settings should complement the style and design of the quartz countertops. For the modern commercial spaces with minimalistic and simple designs of the countertop, it is more appropriate to use sleek and metallic fixtures. For quartz countertops that have more traditional and rustic designs, it would be appropriate to use the pendants with more warm tones and classic shapes. In such a way, the pendant complement the design of the countertop and the selection of these items has to be approached with utmost care.

Balanced Between Multiple Lights

If there are several pendants used in these spaces, their light should be evenly distributed. Use maximum pendant light fixtures specifically for this purpose, and space them approximately 24 to 30 inches apart, so that the entire space with quartz countertop is properly and evenly lit.

LED Technology

As all pendant lights in this setting should be equipped with LED lights. This type of lights has many advantages, including higher energy efficiency and longer life span. Most importantly, however, LEDs enable light to have high quality and accurately represent colors of the quartz countertop without so excessive heat. It should also be adjustable in both intensity and color temperature, so that in the morning the light would be more intense and of colder color, while in the evening the light is warmer.

Implementing Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the most fundamental type of light found in commercial spaces. It exists as a base level of light and contributes to the overall quality of a space.

In spaces with quartz countertops, it helps to create an inviting environment and accentuates the beauty of the stone. This is a go-to for all commercial spaces. If a color temperature is chosen, this ambient level shines from 2700 to 3000K. At these temperature ranges, the light provides a warm, inviting ambiance that allows the colors of the quartz to remain vibrant and the same. Especially in areas where comfort and presentation are important, such as in a reception area or dining space, this is vital. To determine how many lumens are necessary for ambient light, the appropriate range is 200-300 lumens per square foot. This measure is important as quartz looks striking and vibrant without being too overbearing.

The use of indirect lighting can create a substantial effect while lighting in an ambient way. To avoid the shadowing that occurs due to quartz’s overhanging stone, the cove or valance has a dramatic effect and creates the needed ambient lighting. This is caused as the light is reflected off of the quartz countertops and onto walls or ceilings. Ideally, I would tell the customer to use the Colorbeam Lighting System’s RGB capable system. This permits customers to change their lights and decide on what is best for a particular ambiance when controlled through a smartphone or a building automation system. To further the aesthetics, the ambient lighting is specifically meant to be layered with other lights. The layering of lights has a potential side benefit is the provision of accent lighting over the quartz countertops.

Applying LED Strips

LED strips are the best solution for highlighting the commercial quartz countertop, as they will provide bright and functional illumination. They are also very slim and neat and hence will accentuate and not compete with the beauty of the architectural details. Choosing LED strip for this application, consider their brightness color and installation techniques.

Choosing the right LED strip

Firstly, the LED strips need to be bright enough to properly illuminate the countertops. For quartz countertops, LED strips with 450 – 600 lumens per foot would be sufficient. Moreover, do not use the brightest ones, as they will provide much light possibly creating a glare, which only hinders the perception of the countertop. Secondly, Pick the right color temperature. The color temperature of LED strips can dramatically affect the appearance of the quartz surface. Choose neutral white 4000K for most commercial applications. It looks modern and clean and also does not alter the original color of the quartz.

Installation technique

The best way to install LED strips is by hiding them, so that they are not visible directly. Thus, they will not produce an unpleasant glare and on the contrary will look neat and modern. LED strips can be installed under the edge of the countertop or bottom of the cabinets. This technique will create a modern floating effect.

Quartz Surfaces PMC2125
Quartz Surfaces PMC2125

Dimmable LED strips

Choose dimmable LED strips to have a possibility to control the light environment properly. For example, during the working hours, the light can be relatively bright under the countertops and at night dimmed to create a cozier atmosphere around. It is an especially good option for multiuse commercial applications, where a dimmer ambiance is needed.

Efficiency and durability factors

LED strips are also highly energy efficient, as they use at least 75% less power than other types of lighting. They also can last for over 50,000 hours, which is especially important for commercial purposes.

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