5 Factors That Influence Your Countertop Choice

Quartz Surfaces PMC2034

Lifestyle Fit

Family Environment

It should be noted that quartz is inherently strong and relatively resistant to staining. A cross-sectional survey of 222 households in the United States showed that 78 percent of respondents opted to purchase quartz because it is easy to maintain and durable when used indoors. A woman from Austin, Texas, says that her quartz kitchen countertop has already survived a lot of permanent markers and paint projects of her children.

Cooking Habits

It should be added that using quartz countertops for people who love to cook has a number of advantages. The quartz countertop has a nonporous structure, which prevents it from being likely to be contaminated with harmful bacteria and facilitates cleaning that is a crucial element in terms of safety. A watch chef from Seattle says that her quartz doesn’t absorb scents and she’s not afraid to use beetroot and turmeric in her Indian-inspired creations.

Stone Surfaces PMC2372-Slab
Stone Surfaces PMC2372-Slab


There are a few reasons for this lifestyle being an ideal choice. Not only does quartz have a great modern look, but also it was found out that quartz surfaces in homes had a 5 percent higher visitor satisfaction with the visual appearance of the kitchen area in 2023. According to a man from Miami, he places a lot of food on his day-to-day sparkling white quartz countertops when he is expecting guests Most people, are impressed to discover that it is indeed white when seeing it up close after looking at it outside.

Quartz surfaces are available in a variety of colors and designs that are suitable for a variety of interior styles, from rustic to modern. I live in New York, and as an interior designer, I frequently recommend quartz over natural stone because it is tougher and requires less upkeep. Last month, a lady hired me to redesign her loft, claiming her quartz kitchen island looks exactly like Carrara marble but is easier to maintain.

Aesthetic Impacts

What quartz looks like can significantly impact the visual dynamics of your home. Quartz countertops become a natural focal point in kitchens and bathrooms, yet you might be surprised how critical their appearance is to the overall aesthetic of a space.

Color Choices

Quartz countertops are available in virtually all imaginable colors and patterns, making them the deciding factor for the design harmony of any room. According to interior design from Chicago, light-toned quartz countertops such as creamy beige or soft gray brighten up small, dimly lit kitchens. The agent had selected light-colored quartz countertops to make their Victorian-era kitchen appear more spacious. A deep black or rich burgundy quartz in a bigger kitchen with a lot of natural light inevitably sets the tone for a luxurious and visually loud design solution.

Pattern Consistency

When deciding between manmade and organic countertops, note that the latter vary in pattern from piece to piece. During a home renovation in San Francisco in 2021, the homeowner opted for quartz countertops over natural marble because it would have been inconsistent with their minimalistic style. They loved the calm and orderly pattern circulation over their large kitchen island, which matched perfectly with the other modern materials used elsewhere around the home.

Integration With Cabinetry

What quartz looks like is not the only condition for how a kitchen feels and interacts with the surrounding space. On a popular home improvement show, a professional designer was particularly proud of the combination of matte-finished, charcoal-gray quartz countertops and bright white cabinets. The contrast between the two generates a contemporary atmosphere while still ensuring the kitchen feels timeless, which is a preference often reported by clients who select this combo.

Lighting Effects

Some quartz has a lot of glass or metallic flecks in it, using specific lighting can bring them out to enhance the sparkle of the countertops. This is the innovation of a lighting designer from Las Vegas who explains that under-cabinet light sources highlight the presence of metallic and glass particles in the quartz. Their presence manipulates the perception of the kitchen surface so that it looks more extensive than it is no as deeply as it is in reality.

Maintenance Requirements

Daily cleaning

Quartz countertops do not require a lot of maintenance in the short term. They can typically be cleaned with a wet microfiber cloth and dish soap by a typical household in Denver. A housekeeping routine of one family involves wiping a quartz kitchen counter in Denver with a wet cloth and soap. The combination of dish soap and water is also effective in removing most spills and stains, making the countertop very easy to keep clean on a daily basis.

Stain and scratch resistance

Quartz is among the hardest types of inorganic stone and is generally resistant to most types of scratches and stains. In a comparative attempt to scratch samples of different types of countertop, quartz demonstrated the highest resistance to point weight, making it resistant to most types of cracking. For this reason, a café in Denver used it for its no-compromise busy counters and observed minimal signs of wear and tear after years of use.

Heat tolerance

It should be noted that stone is generally resistant to heat, although one should avoid exposing it to molten steel or similar temperatures. A cooking school in Detroit also advised using trivets or pads when putting hot pots or pans on the surface. This practice typically preserves the countertop presumably as well as allowing it to be used every day.

Long-term care

Quartz generally requires little long-term care at the hands of homeowners as it does not have to be sealed every year like natural stone. Families can regularly look for chips and cracks and should try to use coasters or placemats when possible to avoid dropping heavy objects on the edges. After five years of daily use in Minneapolis, a homeowner reported little more than normal signs of use in her countertops.Homeowners should defer to professionals whenever they need to make serious changes to quartz or to put specialized chemicals on it. The general advice given by experts is to avoid using abrasive cleaning agents, as well as scouring pads, as they will dull the surface of the stone. A stone technician in Seattle should also be called to check the countertops at least every year.

Installation Requirements

Quartz countertops can provide an exceptional level of functionality and aesthetic appeal, but their proper installation is essential to avoid unnecessary complications.

Preparation of the Counter

Before the installation of quartz can begin, the cabinetry upon which the quartz will be placed must be evaluated. They must be both level and strong enough to support the tremendous force that will be placed upon them; a quartz countertop weighs approximately 25 pounds per square foot. In a recent kitchen remodel in Atlanta, a professional used a laser level to ascertain that the cabinets were perfectly horizontal before placing a 10-foot long quartz countertop.

Tool and Supplies

Proper tools and materials are required to ensure the successful installation of quartz countertops. These include a diamond blade saw, silicone adhesive, and suction cups for placement of the slabs. In San Diego, a contractor will use these professional-grade materials and tools to avoid the extreme ease with which quartz can be either chipped or shattered.

Stone Surfaces PMC1998-Slab
Stone Surfaces PMC1998-Slab


The quartz will be installed on the cabinets using the same cautious technique. The slab will be measured and then cut to suit the layout of the rest of the kitchen before being turned upside down. The remaining sides will be laid with silicone adhesive and suction cups used to move and attach the slabs to each other and to the cabinetry. When the quartz is in place, a bead of matching caulk will be used to seal and connect the edges. In the installation of a countertop in Chicago, every slab was cut in a unique manner to appropriately include the farmhouse sink and its apron.

Environmental Concerns

Considering the use of quartz countertops, one should understand the extent to which it is harmful to the environment. It is critical to examine some relevant effects and the sustainability of using quartz.

Resource Extraction

Quartz is one of the most common minerals on Earth, so the impact is minimal in comparison to rarer resources. The process of mining can be quite harmful in itself and require much energy. Specifically, 10% of the power of a quartz extraction site in North Carolina is powered through solar panels, proving the progress in greener practices.


The act of making quartz into a countertop involves mixing its crystals with resins and pigments. This procedure is known to be quite damaging in terms of energy use and wastage since volatile organic compounds are emitted into the environment. A lot of manufacturers in California have already adopted new technologies for collecting and recycling these VOCs, reducing the negative effect on the environment by many times.


Since quartz slabs are quite bulky and heavy, transportation can be one of the most adverse factors. The level of carbon footprint that is harmful to the environment is considerably increased when turning quartz into countertops has been happening far away. Ecospheres company in New York relies on local manufacturers for this purpose.

Stone Surfaces PMC2236-Slab
Stone Surfaces PMC2236-Slab

Durability and Lifetime

The fact that quartz is extremely durable and has a long life is a major problem in this case if regular waste is beneficial to the environment. A Vermont public library as part of their renovation project for the free reading areas has just turned to quartz, naturally enhancing longevity and eliminating cabinet waste.

Recycling and Disposal

At the end of the lifespan, quartz cannot be made renewable, recycling or landing it is the only possible option. It is turned into a rubble and is subsequently utilized as a base for winding or as a construction filler. An environmental study in Sweden shows the practical implementation of waste of this substance for recycling in urban development.

About Panmin

PANMIN is an innovative manufacturer of artificial quartz slabs. PANMINQUARTZ® is man-made quartz surfaces from PANMIN, which can be applied in residential and commercial interior decoration including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and office table. 

Currently, we have three factories, two in China and one in Cambodia to provide sufficient services to our customers.

For more information about PANMIN, please refer to our contact page and we should get back to you ASAP.

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