6 Ways To Enhance Your Kitchen With Quartz

Stone Surfaces PMC2163GJ

Backsplash Continuity

One of the best ways to make your kitchen look even great is to make use of quartz stone in backsplash. This material provides more durability and perfectly blends in with the exceptional characteristics of today's kitchen design. It is demonstrated to perfection in the kitchen area, particularly in the upmarket segment, when the same quartz accompanies the counter to be continued in a backsplash, which results in an exceptionally continuous and seamless visual continuity. Quartz details frequently appear in real estate listings to increase the value of the property to mirror a movement where home buyers look for these more lavish accents.

Stone Surfaces PMC1017
Stone Surfaces PMC1017

Visual Harmony

When visual harmony is in play, a quartz backsplash matches components like cabinetry and flooring. An example of this would be using a quartz backsplash with a medium tone (like pictured below) in a kitchen that contains light oak cabinets and dark hardwood flooring in order to tie together the contrasting features in the space. This not only equalizes the colors, and strengthens the overall luminosity of the space. According to interior design surveys, a well-coordinated kitchen color palette can make the space appear larger and more pleasant.

Functional Elegance

Quartz for backplashes are famed for their cosmetic popularity in addition to being upkeep as well as some of the most luxurious materials. This feature in the busiest of kitchens will help keep the space looking beautiful without a touch-up needed every other day. As an example, a survey made by a top-tier kitchen magazine found that 82% homeowner prefer quartz for its ease of cleaning, compared to that of granite or tile.

Innovative Lighting

Adding some lighting solutions will emphasize the already beautiful quartz backsplash. Under-cabinet lighting, accentuates the striations within the quartz, helping to bring out the natural characteristics of the stone with a soft, subtle glow that contributes to the kitchen's ambience. Warm LED lights are suggested by design experts to reach quartz that taps into its reflective capabilities.

Personalized Accents

In the quartz backsplash you can also put personal touches that reflect their personality while making the space more functional. Speaking of modern design, lining the back of a countertop with a row of floating shelves (perfect for keeping your favorite plants or herbs, spices, and red pepper flakes) and adding an in-counter charging station for all of our devices is convenience at your fingertips. Installers of custom kitchens have seen 30% more requests for customized kitchen stations from homeowners in the past year alone.

Contrasting Island Countertops

One dynamic trend that you will spot in almost every top-of-the-line new custom kitchen is incorporating quartz as a contrasting island countertop for both its appearance and its practicability. Dark quartz counters against a light colored cabinetry on a kitchen island. In addition to providing a visual weight, this contrast creates focal point on the island and assists in backing up the design. Interiors designers say that a contrasting island can serve as a visual focal point, helping to lead the flow of the space.

Stone Surfaces PMC1887
Stone Surfaces PMC1887

Color Coordination

Selecting a quartz island color should take into consideration the kitchen color pallet in place. In a kitchen with white or cream, a solid black or navy blue quartz is a bold contrast. 70% of homeowners say they like color in an island, it makes one of the prime spots in the house.

Textural Contrast

Aside from the color, texture is also necessary to style up your kitchen. One example is a contrasting polished quartz countertop choice on an island with the same material in a honed finish for the perimeter countertops for a subtle but memorable look. Mixed-finish kitchens up 45% While polished surfaces are still big, matte finishes are reigniting the joy polish use to get us.

Mixing with Kitchen Design

A sightly contrasting quartz countertop design to be placed in an aligned kitchen full setup In an open plan setting, this island can perform multiple useful functions like dining, cooking, and interacting. This positioning strategy serves two purposes, the countertop can be utilized to the optimal level, on the other, it gets a very high brand visibility and impact. According to real estate pros, better cooktop-tied together with nice countertops-doubles down on the kitchen island, in a way that almost always pays dividends when it comes to market appeal and resale value.

Accessorizing and Detailing

Proper pendant lights can be used to accentuate the color and texture of the countertop whenever you accessorized the quartz island with the right lighting. Furthermore, selecting bar stools that either matched or contrasted with your countertop and could tie everything together. We received feedback from designers that adding personal or stylish elements can help make the kitchen feel more welcoming, and tailored to the specific personality of the owner.

Integrated Sinks

Pulling it all togetherFeaturing an integrated sink made from high-performance quartz combinesoustanding performance with a seamless aesthetic appeal in a kitchen. Crafted from the same material as the countertop, these sinks allow for a uniform finish that is absolutely ideal from a style or hygiene standpoint. A major advantage is the absence of any seams which stops the build up of bacteria making them easier to clean. According to market analysis, installations of integrated sinks in modern kitchens have risen by 60% in the last 5 years.

Design Versatility

Quartz come in a variety of colors and patterns, making the design simple and versatile, suitable for a minimalist kitchen and other more life-kitchen schemes. A white quartz sink is another variation of a white, seamless sink that blends seamlessly into the white quartz and is always in high demand especially in today's modern kitchen design. Consumer surveys rate the customizability of features as the No. 1 consideration in kitchen design, at 80% of homeowners.

Durability and Maintenance

This is another reason why it is an ideal material for durable sinks that are stain resistant. Unlike other materials that can become chipped or stained, quartz continues to be resilient to maintain its appearance with the least possible amount of retainability. The durability of Quartz integrated sinks has a satisfaction rating of 95% among users.

Installation Precision

Integrated quartz sinks are the exception to this case, since they need to be measured and fabricated precisely to perfectly fit within the countertop. An extensive process that involves using digitally designed templates and precision cutting tools guarantees the hole is made to exact specifications (no gaps or misalignment means no unsightly seam). Comments from professional installers suggest they are partial to digital templating tools for their precision and dependability.

Functional Enhancements

In order to boost the utility offered by integrated quartz sinks, built-in options, like drainboards, or add-in accessories, like cutting board inserts, are available. This feature does not only make the sink more useful but it also adds to the look of it by not breaking up the clean lines and the latter part of the messes or the design. Forty percent of requests are for integrated, functional elements in sink design, with other popular inclusions expanding to include cutting boards, drying racks, colanders and straining bowls.

Custom Quartz Floorings

The durability and luxurious finish of quartz are revolutionizing kitchen floor aesthetics. Custom quartz flooring comes in numerous variations of colors and patterns that allow for a unique, cohesive finish that blends with the rest of the kitchen’s design.

A report by a leading home design magazine noted that quartz flooring has grown popular by 50% in the last three years during high-end renovations.

Pattern customization

The patterns on the quartz floors can easily be customized, and this has seen creativity reach whole new levels. Some designing techniques involve mixing different color variants of quartz or imposing patterns chevron and herringbone amongst others which not only look amazing but also feel much more personalized. Home designing consults indicate that customized floors increase the perceived value of the space.

Color coordination

Customizing your ideal shade of quartz flooring will mainly reflect the color pattern of other areas of the kitchen. A dark grey shade of quartz can contrast attractively with light cabinetry resulting in a luxurious, high-end kitchen system. Surveys show that 87% of homeowners closely coordinate their floor colors with countertops. For correct installation, especially for customizations such as pattern and shade, homeowners need to hire experts to help with the layout to prevent future challenges such as poor sealing or improper alignment.

Installation considerations

Customizing patterns and colors of quartz floors will be difficult if not impossible to fit, and therefore experts should handle the job. Certified installers provide perfect sealing which elongates the life span of the floor. These are some of the challenges that homeowners face.

Under-Counter Lighting

For kitchens with quartz countertop options, Under-Counter lighting improves the functional and visual appeal, which integrates granite countertops efficiently. Add a soft glow by keeping a small light source near the quartz, which will highlight it and make the space warm and welcoming. A study that was conducted shows that 85% homeowners felt that under-counter lighting actually contributed the most significant value to their kitchens usability and looks.

Strategic Placement

Under-counter lights, should be set to avoid casting shadow on the work surfaces. If lights are installed right at the front of cabinetry, the countertop will be lit, instead of the back wall. The general advice from solar light installers is to install these lights every 6 to 8 inches apart for a full-spectrum effect.

Choice of Lighting

Under Counter: The durability and energy efficiency of LEDs make them the most ideal choice for under counter lighting. They come in different color temperatures, which can be tailored to match the right ambiance and functionality use of the kitchen ecosystem. A quartz countertop, in order to bring out the natural tones of the stone, is often recommended to use a warmer hue (around 3000K). The market trends show that more than 90% of present installations of Under-Counter lighting are made with LED technology.

Installation Process

Hire professional under counter installers to ensure safety and proper performance. This requires handling wiring and switch distribution very cautiously so that the new arrangement can be smoothly synced with existing kitchen layout. Installation of dimmer switches is even encouraged by electricians to adjut the level of the light for the time of the daypsyche to the moment the day.

Enhancing Features

Under - counter lighting can also help focus more attention on other kitchen features such as glass - fronted cabinets or within deep drawers. This would enhance functionality of the space as well as gives a dash of sophistication to the otherwise simple design. Two in one benefits under counter lighting upgrade revertsFor those home owners who install under counter lighting, they glow about the improved functionality and aesthetic appeal.

High-Impact Edges

The edge profile that you choose for quartz countertops can go a long way in altering the aesthetics and ambiance of your kitchen. The homeowner has a considerable influence on such high-impact edges that speaks to the nature of the owneraddAll of these high-impact edges not only help from the better picture but also show some of the character of the actual homeowner According to reports from the industry, homeowners who wanted to inject a bit of originality into their kitchens said that 65% of them opted for bespoke edge profiles.

Stone Surfaces PMC1005
Stone Surfaces PMC1005

Edge Profile Options

The selection of edge profiles include soft bevels to elaborate ogee or bullnose_Edge_Profiles. Every profile comes with its pros and cons from an aesthetic and practical stand point While at the other hand a beveled edge is ideal for a modern appearance, an ogee edge complements a more traditional or lavish setting. Many design consultants display different edge profiles to clients, with bullnose being the top among them largely for safety and aesthetics.

Visual Impact

The proper edge design on a quartz countertop can create visual appeal and become the centerpiece of a new kitchen. A waterfall edge on an island that runs the full length of the island will make a dramatic statement and help protect the cabinetry from everyday scuffs and spills. Real estate agents also find that kitchens with an interest edge profile are often noticed when browsing for properties, attracting more potential buyers.

Fabrication Process

Crafting these detailed edges requires care and the appropriate tools. This includes cutting the quartz to the exact shape and profile and then polishing to allow the material to really shine and perform as it should. Technologically advanced CNC machinery is used by the experts in fabrication to meet necessary precision with edge detailing, crucial in the end result.

Durability and Maintenance

The strength of an edge profile is also important as aesthetics. Profiles that have fewer sharp angles (ie: rounded edge or bullnose) will be less susceptible to chips. These edges are easy to keep-they simply require rinsing with regular soap in order to mimic the day they were made. Homeowners who have owned quartz edges, for their part, tend to have high rates of satisfaction with the product because of how durable and low-maintenance they are.

About Panmin

PANMIN is an innovative manufacturer of artificial quartz slabs. PANMINQUARTZ® is man-made quartz surfaces from PANMIN, which can be applied in residential and commercial interior decoration including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and office table. 

Currently, we have three factories, two in China and one in Cambodia to provide sufficient services to our customers.

For more information about PANMIN, please refer to our contact page and we should get back to you ASAP.

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