Calacatta Quartz PMC1922 from PANMIN: The Perfect Surface for Your Next Project


PANMIN is proud to offer PANMINQUARTZ® PMC1922, a white quartz surface with brown veins that is both stunningly beautiful and highly durable. Our Calacatta quartz features elegant veining and subtle movement, giving it a sophisticated look that is perfect for any home or commercial space. With its superior resistance to wear and tear, this veined quartz is a great choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and other high-traffic areas. So why wait? Contact PANMIN today to learn more about our selection of white quartz surface with brown veins options.

Reasons of Using Quartz for Commercial and Residential Projects

If you are looking for a stone that will add both beauty and function to your home or business, consider quartz. Quartz is an incredibly strong and durable material that can withstand heavy use. It is also available in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you are sure to find the perfect match for your space. In addition, quartz is easy to maintain and can last for many years with proper care. For all these reasons, quartz is an ideal choice for commercial and residential projects.

The Durability of Quartz PMC1922: Why It's the Perfect Countertop Material

PANMINQUARTZ® PMC1922 is the perfect countertop material for busy areas in the home. With its superior resistance to wear and tear, this quartz is well-received by buyers. PANMINQUARTZ® PMC1922 from PANMIN has beautiful white and brown hues, perfect for adding style and sophistication to any space. So if you're looking for a durable, stylish countertop material, PANMINQUARTZ® is the ideal choice.

Choose the Right Finish for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

When choosing quartz surfaces for your home or business, one important factor to consider is the finish. Polished quartz has a glossy surface that reflects light, while honed quartz has a softer, matte finish. Leathered quartz has a textured, rough surface. Each type of finish has its own benefits and drawbacks. polished surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, but they can show fingerprints and smudges more easily than other finishes. Honed surfaces are less likely to show imperfections, but they may require more frequent cleaning. Leathered surfaces have a unique texture that can add interest to any space, but they may be more difficult to keep clean. Ultimately, the best finish for your quartz surfaces will depend on your personal preferences and the needs of your space.


Calacatta Quartz PMC1922 with Budget Friendly Prices

As anyone who has shopped for quartz knows, there is a wide range of options available on the market. However, few quartz surfaces can match the beauty and quality of Calacatta quartz PMC1922. This luxurious quartz features a stunning marble-like design that is sure to impress everyone who sees it. It is well worth the investment for those who are looking for a high-quality surface. In addition, Calacatta quartz PMC1922 is surprisingly affordable for an ordinary family, making it a great option for those on a budget. So if you're in the market for a beautiful and high-quality quartz surface, be sure to check out Calacatta quartz PMC1922. You won't be disappointed.

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Looking for a high quality quartz countertop? Look no further than Linnstone! Our quartz countertops are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to last. Plus, our quartz countertops are resistant to scratches, stains, and heat, so you can be confident that your new countertop will look beautiful for years to come. So why wait? Buy your quartz countertop today!

About Panmin

PANMIN is an innovative manufacturer of artificial quartz slabs. PANMINQUARTZ® is man-made quartz surfaces from PANMIN, which can be applied in residential and commercial interior decoration including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and office table. 

Currently, we have three factories, two in China and one in Cambodia to provide sufficient services to our customers.

For more information about PANMIN, please refer to our contact page and we should get back to you ASAP.

July 17, 2024
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Calacatta quartz has a Mohs hardness of 7, while marble has a hardness of only 3 to 4. According to an experiment by "Building Materials Research," the surface wear rate of Calacatta quartz is 0.05%, whereas marble is as high as 0.2%. In a commercial building project, the areas with Calacatta quartz remained smooth and new after two years, while the areas with marble showed obvious scratches and wear.

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