Cambodia Zulite Stone Organizing Volleyball Game on the Prevailing of COVID-19

Cambodian Zulite Stone Organizing Volleyball Game on the Prevailing of COVID-19

From April 1 to April 15, the spread of COVID-19 in Cambodia has accelerated with the cumulative number of confirmed cases increasing from 2,477 to 5,218. The situation is becoming increasingly serious. In response to the outbreak, Cambodia has closed schools, stadiums, museums, cinemas, and other public places across the country.

Recently, due to the escalation of the epidemic situation and to effectively reduce the risk of epidemic spread caused by crowds of people. As a responsible enterprise, Cambodian Zulite Stone Co., Ltd. provides free dormitory accommodation to reduce the movement of personnel to ensure the safety of employees and reduce the possibility of the spread of the epidemic based on measuring staffs’ body temperature. It can prevent the infection in the urban area from spreading to the special zone to a certain extent. The employees also expressed their willingness to reduce shuttling and consciously abide by the arrangements to avoid the further spread of the epidemic.

Faced with the current COVID-19, people with relatively weak physical conditions, poor immunity are more likely at greater risk. In order to improve the immunity of employees, Cambodian Zulite Stone Co., Ltd. organized the workers to play volleyball at the playground on April 25, 2021. The purpose of this move is to build a strong defense line for epidemic prevention and control, ensure the normal operation of the enterprise, and enrich the spare time of the employees.

After the exercise, some employees said that they can feel happy during sports and relax their minds and bodies. At the same time, volleyball as a team sport that all employees can participate in can enhance the sense of cooperation and teamwork among colleagues, which is very beneficial.

We are not barehanded in the face of the outbreak. We have the tenacious fight, scientific treatment, and the most powerful emotions. The battle will win!


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