Exclusive Access: Explore PANMIN at Marmomac 2023 - HALL 8, Booth H4-A

Invitation Letter for Marmomac

Dear Valued Guests,

We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you for the upcoming Marmomac 2023, where PANMIN will be showcasing a spectacular array of premium stone surfaces. This prestigious event will take place from September 26th to September 29th at the Verona Exhibition Centre in Italy.

Embrace the Future of Stone Surfaces

At PANMIN, we are deeply committed to ushering in the future of stone surfaces. Our dedication revolves around presenting an exquisite selection of stone surfaces that not only meet but consistently exceed the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. At our booth, you'll have an exclusive opportunity to delve into our world of premium quartz surfaces. We invite you to come and see our quartz samples up close, allowing you to explore their exceptional qualities. We're here to provide you with the information you need.

*Stay Ahead of Trends

In our unyielding commitment to innovation, PANMIN stands at the forefront of design trends within the industry. When you join us, you embark on a journey to discover the latest design inspirations and cutting-edge innovations. Our aim is to keep you ahead of the curve, allowing you to explore the most current and captivating design possibilities.

*Explore a Diverse Product Range

Anticipate an exciting revelation as we unveil a diverse range of products meticulously crafted to cater to an array of aesthetic preferences and applications. From the timeless allure of classic designs to the sleek sophistication of contemporary styles, our product selection is thoughtfully curated to ensure there's something exceptional for everyone.

*Discover PANMIN's Remarkable Low Silica Surfaces

At our booth during the exhibition, while we'll be showcasing our premium quartz samples, we also welcome discussions about remarkable low silica surfaces, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Developed through extensive research and development efforts since 2018, these surfaces exhibit exceptional durability, even with compositional changes. Rigorously tested and holding certifications, our low silica surfaces guarantee unmatched quality and safety for your design projects. Trust in the reliability of our surfaces. Beyond their superior quality, our low silica surfaces embrace eco-friendliness and sustainability. Produced using renewable electric energy, including solar power, and incorporating recycled water, PANMIN actively contributes to a greener future.

*Introducing Lighting Calacatta

Prepare to be captivated by the grand reveal of our exceptional Lighting Calacatta stone surfaces. These extraordinary creations boast a distinctive lightning-like crackle pattern that promises to infuse any space with unparalleled elegance and visual intrigue. Our Lighting Calacatta surfaces are a true spectacle to behold. With their intricate and mesmerizing crackle pattern, they capture the essence of lightning, adding a dynamic and energetic element to your interior design. The play of light and shadow across the surface creates a visual symphony that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who encounters it.

Unlock Your Exclusive Access

To secure your free entrance to this highly anticipated event, we invite you to connect with us directly to request your exclusive invitation code. Each code allows for one free entry per day, offering you the flexibility to choose the day that best suits your schedule. Should you have multiple invitation codes, you can conveniently validate up to four codes (one for each day) using a single email address. If you are interested in obtaining an invitation code or need assistance with the registration process, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Don't miss this opportunity to join us at Marmomac 2023!

Find Us at Marmomac

Look for PANMIN at Marmomac in HALL 8, Booth H4-A. Our strategic location ensures easy access to explore our exquisite stone surfaces. Refer to the provided map for easy navigation to our booth. We can't wait to meet you and share the beauty of PANMIN's stone creations. Together, let's explore the endless possibilities and experience the future of design in stone.


PANMIN's Booth Layout in Hall 8, Booth H4 at Marmomac


Event Details:

Date: Sep 26 - Sep 29, 2023

Venue: Verona Exhibition Centre

Booth: HALL 8, H4-A

About Panmin

PANMIN is an innovative manufacturer of artificial quartz slabs. PANMINQUARTZ® is man-made quartz surfaces from PANMIN, which can be applied in residential and commercial interior decoration including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and office table. 

Currently, we have three factories, two in China and one in Cambodia to provide sufficient services to our customers.

For more information about PANMIN, please refer to our contact page and we should get back to you ASAP.

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