Dear Ms./Mr.,

PANMIN participates in the Stone Industry Fair 2018 in Poland at Booth Hall 7, No. 43 during November 14 – 17 2018. We will display some of our hot-sale colors and some 2018 new designs to share with you, hopefully, our products will inspire you and we could exchange new ideas or have cooperation then.

Below are some quartz surface colors that we would like to recommend to you, such as 1010 Pure White3032 Sandbar Grey, 5135 Ink Landscape, 6021 Contrail Grey.

1010 Pure White

White is a symbol of elegance, purity, neatness. With our Pure White Quartz, we want you to transmit everything that makes you unique.

3032 Sandbar Grey

Sandbar Grey Quartz features inmeasurable solemn flecks in the backdrop of a color that merges grey and pale blue.

5135 Ink Landscape

Let yourself dive into this astonishing design where the darkness dances with the light.

6021 Contrail Grey

If you would like to make your ambience more industrial or modern style, Contrail Grey Quartz would satisfy you!

Come to our booth Hall 7, No. 43 to know more about our beautiful PANMINQUARTZ® surface.

Booth: Hall 7, No. 43

Location: Poznan International Exhibition Center