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PANMINQUARTZ’s Second Show at Expo Cihac

This is the second time for PANMINQUARTZ® to attend the Expo Cihac in Mexico during October 16 – 20. A lot of visitors are impressed by our creative quartz colors, 6017 Mountain Trail, 6501 Carrara Fantasy, 5135 Ink Landscape wins many rave reviews. Thanks for your visit and appreciation. PANMINQUARTZ® is playing an important part […]

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Dear Ms./Mr., PANMINQUARTZ® participates in the EXPOCIHAC in Mexico. We hope you will enjoy visiting our Booth C707 during 16 - 20 October 2018. We will display some featured quartz surfaces, such as 1010 Pure White, 6017 Mountain Trail, 6324 Snow Tundra, 6501 Carrara Fantasy, etc. 1010 Pure White White is a symbol of elegance, purity, neatness. With our Pure White Quartz, we […]

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PANMINQUARTZ’s First Show at Excon 2018

PANMINQUARTZ® finishes the first show at Excon 2018 in Peru during October 9 – 13. Our quartz colors attract a lot of visitors, especially colors like 1010 Pure White, 3003 Firn, 7241 Starry Night receives enthusiastic response there. Thanks for your attention. PANMINQUARTZ® is playing an important part in this new paradigm of the surface market. On a market […]

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PANMINQUARTZ’s First Show at Stone+tec Nürnberg 2018

PANMINQUARTZ®’s first show at Stone+tec Nürnberg 2018 during 13 – 16 June is a landmark that PANMINQUARTZ® will offer its quartz surface products in the EU area. Some of our products are highly appreciated, such as 1010 Pure White, 6501 Carrara Fantasy, 7045 White Blossoms, etc. are particularly inquired by visitors, thank you for your kind visit. […]

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Join PANMINQUARTZ at Stone+tec Nürnberg 2018, Booth 10-266

Dear Ms./Mr., PANMINQUARTZ® participates in the Stone+tec Nürnberg 2018  in Germany. Welcome to stop by our Booth Hall 10.0 / 10-266 during 13 - 16 June 2018. We will share with you some of our featured quartz surfaces, such as 1010 Pure White, 5510 Ivory, 6322 Nephele, 6501 Carrara Fantasy, 7009 Babysbreath, 7045 White Blossoms, etc. Introduction of the above-listed colors: 1010 Pure White […]

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PANMINQUARTZ Passes Fungi Resistance Test

PANMINQUARTZ® passed ASTM G21-15 Fungi Resistance Test. It is a test that reflects whether five main fungi will survive on our quartz surface or not. The test result is No effect, showing that PANMINQUARTZ® surface resists to above five fungi. About These Five Major Fungi Aspergillus brasiliensis (formally Aspergillus niger) causes a disease called black mold […]

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PANMINQUARTZ’s First Show at Indobuildtech Expo

PANMINQUARTZ®’s first show at Indobuildtech Expo 2018 during May 2-6 makes a good start. We are the only professional quartz manufacturer at the Expo. Our products such as 7045 White Blossoms, 1010 Pure White, 6021, and 6287 are particularly welcomed by visitors, and the rest of the products are also quickly sold out. Indobuildtech is indeed a strategic […]

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PANMINQUARTZ’s First Show at DesignBuild Expo

PANMINQUARTZ®’s first show at DesignBuild Expo 2018 during May 2-4 leaves visitors a good impression. Visitors are quite interested in our Calacatta quartz surface (6003 Calacatta Graffito & 6018 Calacatta Crevice) and also other colors: 6501 Carrara Fantasy, 7009 Babysbreath, 7010 Ivory Confetti, 7045 White Blossoms. This is a good start that PANMINQUARTZ® attends at DesignBuild Expo. For […]

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PANMINQUARTZ® shines at HD EXPO 2018 during May 2-4 2018. Highlighted with white light, our quartz tub surround (show panels) become a sensation. Our vanity top 6398 attracts a lot of attention, and the visitors are especially interested in our edge detail including eased edge, laminated edge, mitered edge, bevel edge, reverse bevel edge. We are proud to be the first to launch 1/4 inch (6mm) quartz […]

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Join PANMINQUARTZ at the Indobuildtech Expo in Jakarta, Booth 10-W-1L &10-W-1H

PANMINQUARTZ® attends the Indobuildtech Expo (the 16th Exhibition of Building and Interior) to display the newly-introduced quartz surface. Welcome to stop by our booth 10-W-1L &10-W-1H during May 2-6, 2018. Looking forward to seeing you at the Indobuildtech Expo. Booth: 10-W-1L &10-W-1H Location: Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), Jakarta, Indonesia

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Join PANMINQUARTZ® at DesignBUILD in Melbourne, Booth M12

PANMINQUARTZ® participates in the DesignBuild Expo 2018 in Melbourne Australia to showcase some of its featured quartz surfaces, such as 6501 Carrara Fantasy, 1010 Pure White, 7009 Babysbreath, etc. Welcome to stop by our Booth M12 during May 2-4 2018. Booth: M12 Location: MELBOURNE CONVENTION & EXHIBITION CENTRE Please click here to get visitor registration. Looking […]

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Join PANMINQUARTZ® at HD EXPO in Las Vegas, Booth 5705

PANMINQUARTZ® awaits your visit at Booth 5705 during May 2-4 2018 at the HD EXPO 2018 in Las Vegas, NV of U.S.A. Booth: 5705 Location: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV Please click this link:  https://l.feathr.co/v1/HD-Expo-2018-Landing-page-Xiamen-Deyuan-Panmin-Trading-Co-Ltd to get visitor passcards. Looking forward to seeing you at HD EXPO.  

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PANMINQUARTZ® at Moscow Stone Industry International Exhibition 2018

PANMINQUARTZ® attends the Stone Industry International Exhibition 2018 in Moscow from April 3rd to 6th. PANMINQUARTZ® is honored to have our customers and visitors at our Booth B34-C33 share ideas about stone beauty. For the last 18 years, the Exhibition has become the biggest in Russia and Eastern Europe international event for the entire natural […]

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PANMINQUARTZ® invites you to B34-C33 at Stone Industry International Exhibition 2018

Please feel free to visit PANMINQUARTZ® at Booth B34-C33 at Stone Industry International Exhibition in Moscow, Russia from April 3rd to 6th 2018. Booth: B34-C33 Location: 119 Mira avenue, Hall 75, Moscow, Russia Please click this link: http://en.stonefair.ru/articles/35-visitor-registration-online.html to get visitor online registration.

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PANMINQUARTZ® at Xiamen International Stone Fair 2018

PANMINQUARTZ® attends the China Xiamen International Stone Fair on 6th – 9th, March 2018, to display its product colors including hot-sale or new arrival. It is such a fantastic time and great honor for us that we have our customers and visitors at our booth C3021 to enjoy a visual feast of our beautiful colors […]

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PANMINQUARTZ® attends Xiamen Stone Fair 2018 at C3021

PANMINQUARTZ® invites you to enjoy a visual feast of our beautiful colors and exchange creative ideas at our booth C3021 at China Xiamen International Stone Fair on March 6th – 9th 2018. Booth: C3021 Location: Xiamen International Conference& Exhibition Center, Xiamen

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(KBIS) on January 9 – 11, 2018 (Tuesday through Thursday), to showcase some of its hot-sale or newly designed products. Stop by our booth at  S4071 to get more details about our products. KBIS, in conjunction with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), is an inspiring, interactive platform that showcases the latest industry products, trends, and […]

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