What Are the Benefits of Choosing Calcutta Quartz for Your Countertops

Quartz Surfaces PMC1867

Aesthetic Appeal 

The Calcutta quartz is a premium material that contributes to the visual appeal of kitchens and bathrooms, bringing them to a new level of sophistication. In general, it is a material with a complete white canvas and deep grey veins adopted from natural marble. However, the major difference with the piece of nature is a complete pattern consistency. Quartz allows for the creation of a material with a uniform pattern, which defines the opportunities of homeowners and designers to achieve consistency throughout the space.

Color Stability

One major benefit of using Calcutta quartz is its color stability. Because it is an engineered product, it will not get discolored or faded even if it is placed in a place that gets direct sunlight . Most households will install the material in rooms with ample sources of natural light. Since the color will remain in a vivid and bright condition, there will be no concern about countertops getting yellow, gray, or brown. In this way, homeowners using Calcutta Quartz in their kitchen and bathrooms can be confident of its visual qualities for a long time.

Quartz Surfaces PMC2125
Quartz Surfaces PMC2125

Design Opportunity

The use of this material is also beneficial due to the prospects of working with versatile designs. First, it can be cut and finished in any manner because it is customizable. As a result, it not only fits the drawers and other aspects made with the same quartz but can also be used for other applications, regardless of whether it is a table, a custom piece, or a basin. Second, because of the design versatility of the material, it can easily be integrated into any décor, whether it is a modern or traditional type. What also remains fundamental here is the fact that the material matches virtually all types of drawers and floors.

Low Maintenance and Durability

Calcutta quartz countertops are one of the most popular options for both homes and businesses. They are valued for their exceptional durability and the fact that they require virtually no maintenance. This material is designed to withstand all manner of wear and tear without showing signs of damage like other countertops.

Resisting wear and tear

First and foremost, the Calcutta quartz is particularly notable for its scratch and chip resilience. Kitchen countertops of all types are exposed to daily activities, whether it be cooking everyday meals, hitting it with different utensils. While other types of stones might get scratched and chipped over time, Calcutta quartz’s stiffness preserved its integrity and appearance. The sheer hardness of quartz ranks just below the hardness of diamonds, for example. This hardness allows it to handle accidental slips with a knife, as well as impacts from dropping a heavy soup pot without receiving any chips.

Ease of cleaning

An important consideration, when it comes to cleaning, Calcutta quartz countertops require no more than a single cleaning measure. They can be wiped with either mild soap and water. Even more important, due to the fact, that many spills and messes can be cleaned without any additional cleaning materials or chemicals. This allows for a cleaner countertop with no pores that can absorb bacteria or molds.


Among the most prominent benefits, attributed to the Calcutta quartz countertops, is their lasting quality. Unlike natural stones, which can wear down, become discolored or require refinishing over time, the quartz countertops do not do any of these things and stay just as vibrant as they were on the first day of installation. Their lasting quality makes them the correct choice for offices and restaurants with heavy traffic that requires long-lasting materials.

Hygiene and Safety

Apart from being exceptionally beautiful , Calcutta quartz is favored for its high level of hygiene and safety. It is an extremely important feature for the surface you use for cooking and peeling fruit, as well as in the bathrooms. In other words, anywhere you might carry pesticides, paint, or other things. Here are a few noteworthy safety benefits of having a Calcutta quartz surface.

Not penetration into the surface

The most important safety aspect of Calcutta quartz is that it is non-porous. Natural stones such as granite have microscopic pores through which viruses, bacteria, and mold can penetrate. Quartz is compressed in the process of its creation, and it does not have such spaces, preventing outside agents from penetrating the surface . This is critical for food preparation areas to remain safe from bacteria and safe for your home environment.

Stone Surfaces PMC1930
Stone Surfaces PMC1930

Easy to sanitize

Sanitizing Calcutta quartz countertops is extremely easy . Since this surface doesn’t get damaged nor does it loses shine from the use of most disinfectants, running damp cloth spray with a disinfectant on the counter is all you need to do to protect your family. Sure, you can sanitize cutting boards, sinks, and any other surfaces you need along the way and as often as you see fit to maintain .

Not a breeding ground for mold

Another safety feature in the kitchen is that the marble surface is resistant to staining. This prevents liquids from food or other sources from penetrating and creating difficult stains to deal with later. It also means that the countertop doesn’t promote mold growth, which is a common problem when it comes in contact with food, liquids, or damp towels or sponges.


If you have any family members allergic to pollen, pet dander, dust, and all other things that can be harmful to them, a Calcutta quartz countertop is the best choice. Not only do the substances not penetrate the surface, but it is also extremely easy to keep clean. So that means you are practically getting rid of cleaning nightmares and having to put up with sniffling constantly.

Consistency in Design with Calcutta Quartz Countertops

One of the standout features that interior designers and homeowners appreciate in Calcutta quartz countertops is the design consistency of this product. Man-made quartz offers something that is hard to find with natural stone: uniformity from piece to piece. As such, Calcutta quartz ensures that each piece is part of a whole, providing a consistent aesthetic for any space.

Uniform Appearance Across Slabs

The ability to appear the same across different slabs is highly important for Calcutta quartz countertops. Large kitchens or spaces with multiple sections of countertop require a higher degree of uniformity, as no other layout will provide the desired modern look. Materials such as granite and marble can create visual discontinuity in such projects, as each slab might appear in a different hue and with distinct veining patterns from one large section to another. As such, Calcutta quartz allows designers and builders to execute their layout plans, knowing that each part will match the next.

Predictability in Design Planning

Design predictability is another important consideration for architects and designers. When planning a space, interior designers can specify their use of Calcutta Quartz without changes to the design afterward. With natural stone, architects have to adapt their design based on drastic changes in the pigmentation or thickness of the plate that they receive.

Ideal for Large and Complex Installations

This quality is particularly relevant to large and complex installations, such as extensively sized kitchen islands, full-wall backsplashes, or large bathroom vanity countertops. Only man-made quartz can ensure that design consistency is maintained across these large and contiguous surfaces to prevent the flow of a room from being disturbed.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1907
Quartz Surfaces PMC1907

Facilitates a Cohesive Interior Decor

The importance of design consistency cannot be overestimated when it comes to creating an interior decor. The consistent pattern and color of Calcutta quartz match a wide range of cabinetry, flooring, and fixture selections, allowing any decorating style to benefit from the modern look of this type of countertop. Contributing to a similar reservation modern minimalist , traditional, or transitional appearance, Calcutta quartz enhances, rather than overpowers, the other aesthetical elements of design for which it is the perfect backdrop.

About Panmin

PANMIN is an innovative manufacturer of artificial quartz slabs. PANMINQUARTZ® is man-made quartz surfaces from PANMIN, which can be applied in residential and commercial interior decoration including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and office table. 

Currently, we have three factories, two in China and one in Cambodia to provide sufficient services to our customers.

For more information about PANMIN, please refer to our contact page and we should get back to you ASAP.

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