What Are the Pros and Cons of Choosing White Granite for Kitchen Countertops

Dazzling Bala White Granite Stone Slabs and Countertops

White granite countertops offer elegance and durability but require regular sealing and are prone to showing stains more visibly.

Advantages of White Granite Countertops

Before renovating a kitchen, one of the most important decisions is to decide on the type of countertops that can meet the needs of all family members. One of the popular choices of homeowners is white granite, which can add an apparel of elegance, and brightness to the kitchen. The most prominent advantages of white granite granite are its durability, ability to complement various types of cabinets, and a large number of colors it is compatible with. In addition to this, it is naturally resistant to heat and scratches.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of white granite is associated with the fact that it is very strong and long-lasting. It is quite difficult to almost impossible to spoil or damage it. By its nature, white granite is very resistant to heat and thus it does not become dull, or somewhat weary. Another benefit is the large number of cabinets it can match and the colors it complements. As white granite is naturally designed, the slight differences in color shades are natural, so it will perfectly combine both with light and dark wooden cabinets.

Exotic Exodus White Granite Stone Slabs and Countertops
Deyuan Stone Exodus White

Moreover, the surfaces of white granite are reflective, so it can visually refresh the kitchen and make it bright. Finally, it is very easy to maintain. To wash it, a family member only has to wipe it with cloth or sponges sprayed with a simple or warm soapy solution every 10-12 days .

As for the disadvantages of white granite, it is not as porous as the other natural stones, such as marble, but it can be stained relatively easily. Thus, to prevent it, it is necessary to seal the tanks. This can be simply achieved by annually applying a sealant that gives an invisible coat over the granite. This coat will achieve a number of tasks. Firstly, it repels the water spilled. Secondly, it makes oil more difficult to be absorbed by granite. Thirdly, it impedes the proliferation of bacteria and germs. Depending on the use of the kitchen and the type of granite, the sealing can be needed more frequently than once a year.

One more disadvantage of white granite is the price. Naturally, the price of white granite can vary significantly. It depends not only on the natural characteristics of granite, but also on the complexities of its installation. Overall, white granite countertops tend to have higher prices than other types of countertops. Anyway, the advantages can even outweigh the high price.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

There are a few potential drawbacks to a white granite kitchen countertops that you should consider. First of all, the major point of the maintenance. Although granite is less porous than marble, white granite is not immune to damage. Staining could be sometimes visible whereas on the dark surface, spotted stains disappear. Therefore, to prevent the ruin, there is a constant need in sealing, which white granite requires. This process should probably be conducted annually due to the usage of the kitchen and of the quality of the sealing. The other point that should also be mentioned is the cost as white granite stands to be the high end of the granite as usually, cheaper is better.

Gorgeous Colonial White Granite Stone Slabs and Countertops
Deyuan Stone Colonial White

Factors of High Expenses

Though the main issue is quality and stone s rarity, white granite countertops values are high due to several extra reasons. Manufacturers and sculptors had to mine, transport this stone and fabricate it. Therefore, the cost becomes even more individualized depending on the location and manufacturers. The other issue, related to quality and the way granite is being extracted, is that white granite is more fragile. A challenge of finding a replacement can be quite a prominent drawback in the changing process.

Disadvantages with Consistency and Availability

Naturally, each granite slab is distinct; yet, it can also be a downside if you are in need of double teirs of granite to match. It is quite a challenge and sometimes even impossible to find two or more white granite slabs with the same pattern and color consistency.

Impact on Kitchen Design Flexibility

Using white granite does lock in some of the design elements thus limiting the conditions for change in the future. Both the cabinetry and flooring, in the case of being re-colored can be totally inconsistent with your white granite slabs if it has a serious undertones. That is why you should carefully regard the color palette of your kitchen before going to white granite.

Addressing the Drawbacks of White Granite Countertops

Choosing white granite for kitchen countertops and understanding how to address its potential drawbacks can make your installation more satisfying and enduring than buying without consideration. Proper care, thoughtful design and purchase decision can unlock the potential of this material without being subject to common concerns.

The first and most significant element to maintain the original look of white granite is effective sealing. This can help extend the life of your space, allowing it to withstand all stains and spills. It is advisable to re-apply a sealant once every one to two years, but an accurate period can depend on the actual use of your countertops and the actual type of granite.

Additionally, the main drawback associated with white granite is the higher price of this material. The cost varies from one supplier to another, so always check several vendors and get quotes. It is also highly advisable to make a purchase during the sales season, which can be during the main holidays or when suppliers sell old stock to make room for new granite.

Strategies for Matching Slabs

Consistency and availability are also challenges for purchasing white granite. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase all the granite you need for a kitchen at the same time from the same batch. Buying products from the same lot or stocks ensures that they will match as well as possible, reducing the risk of differences. Alternatively, if you plan to complete a larger project or want to expand your kitchen in the future, purchase extra granite to make sure you have enough for all your application needs.

The last aspect many consumers overlook when buying white granite is they can be matched in a versatile way. Some types of granite may seem versatile due to a solid white color or soft colors and plainer appearance with few stripes or patterns. This can make it easier to renovate your kitchen and replace other elements without replacing the countertops. Additionally, professional consultation and advice on the choice of granite species can improve your choices.

Risk of Easily Visible Stains

One of the significant problems associated with white granite countertops is the fact that they can easily stain. Red wine, coffee, and cooking oils leave bad marks that are very difficult to remove because, unfortunately, the stain tends to be very visible on white granite, thus, decreasing the beauty of the kitchen area. It is essential not to postpone the cleaning operation, as the sooner the stains are cleaned, the better.

Graceful Viscont White Granite Stone Slabs and Countertops
Deyuan Stone Viscont White

Cleaning as Soon as Possible

For any spills over white granite countertops it is important to use a soft cloth or a paper towel and wipe off the liquid as soon as possible. The cleaning for a more serious spillage can be done using a paste made of baking soda and water. Thus, one should apply the paste to the stain, cover it with a plastic wrap, and leave it there overnight. After, one should remove the wrap and clean the paste with a damp cloth . In addition, one should also regularly seal the white granite for the maximum stain protection.

Applying a sealant will increase the stone’s resistance from staining. It is also important to choose a sealant specifically for granite and to follow the instructions of the application requirements to fully waterproof the granite. At this point, it is also important to note that by choosing a higher quality of granite one can also select a stone which is less porous and, thus, retains lesser spills, and, hence, demands a lesser amount of cleaning.

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