What design options are available with Calcutta Quartz

Quartz Surfaces PMC2125

Calcutta Quartz offers various thicknesses (1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm), finishes (polished, honed), and slab sizes for design flexibility.

Trendy Patterns and Textured Designs

Calcutta Quartz is one of the perfect choices for those searching for modern aesthetics with an enduring style. Renowned for its eye-catching veined look that closely resembles natural marble, Calcutta Quartz can be applied in a variety of tones and styles. Ranging from, subtle, fine veins to bold, long lines, each pattern can make a room look more extensive and elegant. For homeowners, classic white with dramatic gray veining is often a pick for a kitchen island or a bathroom countertop, becoming a room’s focal point. In terms of texture, Calcutta Quartz is available in unique options as well. Leathered or freshly brushed designs create a matte look, which is perfect for not showing fingerprints. In a weighed, brushed design, smaller details on the stone become more visible which gives it a unique character and density.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1867
Quartz Surfaces PMC1867

Taking advantage of its hardness and aesthetic versatility, Calcutta Quartz is often used to create custom reception desks and conference tables in commercial spaces. In this case, a honed finish and a thicker slab can create an image of power and luxury, which brands the businesses in a discreet way. Overall, as home and office spaces are becoming more and more personalized, people want to make their living rooms or working places unique and Calcutta Quartz is one of the perfect solutions for this. Whether in straightforward or lavish implementations, from a design perspective, each use will be unique. This can be seen as an important reason why Calcutta Quartz has become even more popular than marble among many architects and designers willing to provide tailored solutions for their customers.

Surface Treatment

Calcutta Quartz Offer a wealth of options when it comes to surface treatment, and each has its unique benefits in terms of improving not only the stone’s visual appeal but also its practical performance. Different quartz finishes by Calcutta generally determine how the material works in various settings, whether it is a bustling kitchen or a high-end showroom.

Polished finish

The most popular finish for Calcutta Quartz, polished finish, provides a glossy and reflective surface to the stone. No doubt, such a perfect finish showcases Calcuta’s intricate lightweight and veining style. Moreover, it is not only about the appearances since the polished finish actually seals the pores of the material, making it even more resistant to typical stains, spills, and contaminate spills when used in kitchens.

Honed finish

Another finish that does not allow reflection but rather makes the surface appear smooth and matte in texture. Thus, honed finishes are especially popular in today’s contemporary kitchen design, with their demand for practicality and natural appeal. Besides, they are also better for wet floors, such as bathrooms or other wet areas, since they have a lower coefficient of sliding.

Leathered finish

A largely underestimated finish, the leathered one, allows the Calcutta Quartz stone to stay both smooth but also texturized. Thus, many clients value this finish due to its advanced tactile properties increase without compromising the material’s features. Moreover, the stone’s leathered finish is really good at hiding finger prints and smudges.

Ege profiles

In addition to the finishes, Callcuta Quartz stone can also be processed to present various edge profiles. Their style varies from simple and practical, such as beveled ones, to ogee and bullnose ones that are more ornate and intriguing. No doubt, this small detail can make a huge change in the project with these stones. All of the above-mentioned finishes do not make Calcutta Quartz lose its durability and low maintenance qualities. All the surfaces and edge finishes mentioned above keep this option scratch, heat, and chemical damage-resistant, making Callcutat a great stone for virtually any residential and commercial applications. The combination of different edge features with finishes ensures that the stone looks great and stays durable for years. 

Thickness Options

The thickness of the quartz slab is a fundamental factor when choosing Calcutta Quartz for any project. First, it defines the stone’s solidity and, consequently, its durability. Second, the thickness influences the material’s appearance and usage, creating unique opportunities or disadvantages. Calcutta Quartz is generally offered in several thickness variations.

1 cm Slabs

These slabs are appropriate for vertical applications, such as the backsplashes and wall paneling. Among the major advantages of such slim slabs, one could mention their sleek look and reduced weight. The latter is especially important when the design considers the material’s weight as an important limitation. Besides, Calcutta Quartz with this thickness is often used for layered islands, introducing a sleek and airy appearance to the design of the kitchen counter.

2 cm Slabs

This thickness is usually chosen for the bathroom vanity tops and smaller kitchen counters. Its advantages are the balance in terms of both solidity and manageability. This solid and durable option is appropriate for the majority of residences. Moreover, it is often used for custom tabletops and desks, adding just the necessary solidness without overwhelming the space.

3 cm Slabs

The most durable variant of Calcutta Quartz slabs, 3 cm ones, is definitely for kitchen counters and other areas of high use in commercial projects. This thick material provides increased resistance to stress, chips, and scratches, which is highly important for areas where their impact is pronounced. Besides, it is an ideal option for a durable large island or bar top, where their weight and thickness add a sense of permanency.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1907
Quartz Surfaces PMC1907

Edge Profile Compatibility

The thickness of the quartz also defines the maximum thickness of the edge profile that could be applied. Typically, a 1 cm slab is only matched to a simple beveled or flat edge. In contrast, thicker slabs could be easily matched with a thicker bullnose or ogee edge, which is quite appropriate for a more traditional decor. Notably, the project planner must also ensure their thickness is compatible with the cabinetry and support.

Custom Manufacturing

The essence of custom manufacturing of Calcutta Quartz is the possibility to make a perfectly tailored piece of quartz for any designer or homeowner. There are several key steps and a variety of choices taken in the process that can define the final result to the greatest extent. The steps are as follows, allowing customers to turn their design ideas into reality.

Design Consultation and Customization

The process of creating custom Calcutta Quartz begins with a detailed consultation during which the client explains their vision by discussing the dimensions, edge profiles, and possible finishes. For example, the client might want a large kitchen island top that is also one seamless piece of Calcutta, with a detailed, complex, curvy edge. At this point, it becomes clear how important the personalization of the shape is in the process of manufacturing the piece, with the thickness of the surface, depth of overhang and the radius of the curve depending entirely on the customer’s choice.

Digital Templating and Cutting

Technology is one of the key tools used in the process of manufacturing any piece of Calcutta Quartz. Once the shape and dimensions are clear and recorded in the digital form, the templating is done so that the measurements are correct down to the millimeter. This process is important especially in the case of fitted kitchen worktops to abnormal walls or for the creation of perfectly integrated sink. After that, such precise tools as computer numerical control or CNC machinery starts cutting the quartz along the lines of those dimensions.

Edge Profile choice and Finish

Calcutta Quartz is built with various edge profiles to give the designer’s chosen aesthetic a perfect tune. Any kind of a profile can go wonderfully with any design style, from the simplest bevel, through a half-bullnose or an eased edge, to a more complex bullnose profile or a waterfall edge. Whatever the choice, it is cut perfectly even along the whole length of the quartz.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1959GJ
Quartz Surfaces PMC1959GJ

Quality Assurance and Fitting

Prior to fitting the final cut and the finish, a manufacturer should ensure that all elements of the product are up to the highest standards, not only in terms of design and finish but also in terms of quartz durability. This is also the key reason why the quality products are fitted by professionals. At the end, the custom quartz fitting is the final stage, with the exact placement of the piece being equally important. Most stone suppliers also offer the higher-graded fitting service to ensure customer satisfaction, warranty and potential follow-up on the installed product.

About Panmin

PANMIN is an innovative manufacturer of artificial quartz slabs. PANMINQUARTZ® is man-made quartz surfaces from PANMIN, which can be applied in residential and commercial interior decoration including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and office table. 

Currently, we have three factories, two in China and one in Cambodia to provide sufficient services to our customers.

For more information about PANMIN, please refer to our contact page and we should get back to you ASAP.

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