What Is The Best Countertop For Longevity

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Quartz Countertops

Specific data show that the average lifespan of quartz countertops can reach 30 years, while granite countertops average 20 years, and marble only 10-15 years. In international standard wear resistance tests, quartz countertops reach the highest level of wear resistance, 1.5 times that of granite and three times that of marble. Its resistance to staining is four times that of marble.

A large chain restaurant nationwide has replaced traditional stainless steel countertops with quartz ones, reducing replacement frequency by about 60%. A survey on home kitchen renovations shows that households choosing quartz countertops hardly need any maintenance for five years, whereas those with marble countertops need surface treatments every 18 months on average. A large hospital installed quartz countertops in its laboratories, and after a year of monitoring, the accumulation of bacteria on quartz surfaces was about 75% lower than on traditional laminate surfaces.

Scratch Resistance

Quartz reaches a hardness level of 7 on the Mohs scale, second only to diamond and some rarer natural minerals. In standardized scratch tests involving direct handling with steel kitchen utensils, the scratch occurrence rate on quartz countertops is less than 1%, while granite and marble are at 4% and 7%, respectively.

In a high-end restaurant, new quartz countertops after undergoing over 50,000 instances of cutting and placing heavy objects, tests showed that the surface integrity was maintained at 98%, with granite at 90% and marble only at 85%.

A university's chemistry lab chose quartz for its lab benches. After a series of tests involving chemical exposure and mechanical impacts, records showed that the quartz surfaces had no significant damage over two years, whereas traditional laminate surfaces showed multiple signs of wear and damage. In a home kitchen renovation project, scratches on the quartz countertops accounted for only 0.5%.

Stone Surfaces PMC1633
Stone Surfaces PMC1633

Heat Resistance

Quartz materials can withstand temperatures up to 150°C. In tests of heat resistance performance, data showed that after being continuously exposed to 200°C for 30 minutes, the structural stability of quartz countertops was maintained at 98%, while granite and marble dropped to 92% and 85%, respectively. In a study involving 50 households, 95% of the quartz samples showed no thermal damage or color change after direct contact with pots heated up to 180°C.

A fast-food restaurant used quartz countertops in its busy kitchen, frequently coming into contact with hot frying baskets and pots, maintaining an average surface integrity of 99.3%. In a large baking factory, quartz countertops were used to directly carry hot baking trays from ovens, enduring daily high-temperature tests for six consecutive months.

Stain Resistance

In liquid penetration tests, the water absorption rate of quartz countertops is nearly 0%, lower than granite's 0.5% and marble's 2%. In standardized stain tests conducted in the lab, the stain resistance rate of quartz reached 99.8%, while granite and marble were at 97% and 88%, respectively.

In a high-end restaurant, after a year of high-frequency use, the stain adherence rate on quartz countertops was only 1.2%, compared to 15% on marble used previously. In long-term observations of home kitchens, surface stain tests were conducted, and the cleaning effectiveness score was maintained above 9.5 out of 10.

A laboratory chose quartz countertops for their stain resistance, and after a year of frequent contact with various organic solvents and dyes, the quartz showed no color changes or structural damage.

About Panmin

PANMIN is an innovative manufacturer of artificial quartz slabs. PANMINQUARTZ® is man-made quartz surfaces from PANMIN, which can be applied in residential and commercial interior decoration including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and office table. 

Currently, we have three factories, two in China and one in Cambodia to provide sufficient services to our customers.

For more information about PANMIN, please refer to our contact page and we should get back to you ASAP.

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