5 Common Misconceptions About Calacatta Quartz

Quartz Surfaces PMC1622

Quartz Stone is Cheap

Calacatta Quartz is often perceived as “just another cheap quartz,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. People should understand the exceptional qualities and manufacturing standards. It’s not a “basic” kind of quartz; it requires precision engineering because veining like the one found in Calacatta marble tends to be a luxury feature. This quartz is created with the help of advanced techniques and human skill. Over the years, it has ended up on the high-end price spectrum for quartz on average. The complex production process and high demand contribute to these prices.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1909
Quartz Surfaces PMC1909

More Application Opportunities than One Might Think

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding where one can apply Calacatta Quartz. One of them is that Calacatta Quartz is suitable only for kitchen countertops. This quartz is just as appropriate for bathroom vanities, floorings, and wall panels. It’s a useful material because it can be used in high-use areas and areas that don’t require high traffic but should look stylish. More and more designers are recommending Calacatta Quartz for residential and commercial properties; for instance, there has been a 35% increase in its use in non-kitchen applications, such as flooring and wall panels in commercial lobbies and bathrooms of luxury hotels .

Beginning to Work with Calacatta Quartz

Some people don’t seem to appreciate the advantages of putting Calacatta Quartz due to their misleading perception of quartz’s features. The common perception that all quartz is the same is the biggest reason for Calacatta Quartz’s bad reputation. However, that variety is not reinforced with the knowledge that Calacatta Quartz is exceptionally similar to real white marble and much more performant than the latter . It is not only a luxury material because it is engineered to be exactly like marble but because it offers protection that marble does not. For example, Calacatta Quartz is stain and scratch-resistant and even has a 40% added scratch resistance due to stimulus tested against the best performing quartz alternatives.

Don’t Put Down the “Resistant” in Scratch-Resistant

Furthermore, there’s a stereotype associated with the durability of quartz, and Calacatta Quartz is not resistant. Over the years, it became common sense that “quartz is not resilient.” It can withstand wear for at least several decades – just because it’s resistant does not mean that one should constantly scratch or otherwise damage their surfaces. But the Calacatta Quartz’s resistance to acids in such surfaces as lemon juice and vinegar, which would etch softer, natural stones, and extends to 30,000 cycles of use based on real-world use tests . Finally, an easy way to maintain those surfaces is that they have been underestimated so far. Thus, 70% of the homeowners, according to the interior design surveys, find Calacatta Quartz easier to clean and maintain.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1922
Quartz Surfaces PMC1922

Quartz Stone Is The Same As Quartz Stone

Calacatta Quartz is not just ‘another quartz.’ This engineered stone has gained popularity due to its striking pattern and coloring, which are identical to luxurious Calacatta marble. It is manufactured selectively to achieve bold and dramatic veining, a feature not found in regular quartz. Therefore, its manufacturing requires advanced technologies and attention to details that in turn makes it an entirely different product rather than simply an option of it.

Differentiation from Regular Quartz

Calacatta Quartz stands out from the rest of common quartz materials because it is far more beautiful. Indeed, while regular quartz features a more consisent and therefore often less impressive patterns, Calacatta is characterized by large, expressive veins that vary from each individual slab. Researchers have investigated the difference in resale values for houses with Calacatta and other quartz materials, and it was found that they are, on average, 20% higher for the former. This proves that beautiflness is one of the key prerequisites behind the observed difference.


Overall, any rightly engineered quartz is more resistant than other options as it it is least likely to suffer damages from heat, scratches, or stains. In a study where the performance for different materials was measured under the same conditions, Calacatta Quartz was found to perform 30% better in terms of scratch and heat resistance than its generic competitors. This is probably its only noteworthy disctinctive feature in terms of intrinsic properties, but it is still sufficient to prove its preferrability to the latter.


Many think that all quartz regardless of the specific manufacturer is the same in terms of care requirements. Yet, properly manufactured Calacatta Quartz is characterized not only by a beautiful surface but also by a non-porous one. The latter feature implies that no sealing is needed, and the same goes for using pricey special cleaners. According to studies , housewifes spend 75% less time cleaning on average. In other words, it is actually physically easier to have an elegant Calacatta Quartz countertop in a kitchen or a bathroom.

Quartz Most Expensive Marble

Calacatta Quartz is frequently mistakenly defined as the most expensive marble, but the statement needs some qualification. Firstly, it is important not to mix up real marble and Calacatta Quartz, which is luxurious type of engineered stone manufactured to recreate the gorgeous look of genuine Calacatta marble. Secondly, it is also incorrect to state that Calacatta Quartz is a more expensive solution for rich people because the difference in prices is not as significant as the scale of achievement considering that marble is more attractive. Finally, it is not completely true that Calacatta Quartz is a type of marble because it is fundamentally different in the way it is produced and the way perform in contrast with natural stone.

Calacatta Quartz has some inherently advantages by striving to look luxurious. To achieve the royal look, marble is frequently porous and less resistant to staining. In contrary to marble, Calacatta Quartz features much more reisitant surface preventing leaks and tightens, and testing demonstrates that is much less porous as marble . That is why Quartz is much more convenient in everyday life and acceptable for any kitchen and even bathrooms where spills are not something out of ordinary.

Calacatta Quartz is focused on looking and performing better than marble, but the advantage of natural stones is the variety of choices. Additionally, common misperception of luxury marbles such as Calacatta is that interior designers and their customers always like the look and variety. For all its natural beauty, marble offers a great deal of inconsistency, and both the appearance and performance of a given piece is unstable. On the contrary, Calacatta Quartz provides the more consistent look, free of natural imperfections and color variations which leave interior designers missing the aesthetic elements in a 95% satisfaction compared to 75% for natural marble.

The third misleading factor should be the long-standing myth that luxury, natural materials are inconvenient in handling. In general, it is relatively true about marble, which calls for frequent sealing, and it is commonly eroded by acids and other household chemicals. However, the balance in cleaning is in favor of homeowners because according to the web survey results, a amazing 80% of homeowners prefer cleaning and maintenance of Calacatta Quartz to marble care .

Quartz Lacks Variety

Along with some other widespread myths, one is closely connected with the quality of quartz and states that this type of stone comes in limited patterns. The fact is that the case is rather the opposite, as such an artificial product as Calacatta Quartz is among the leaders due to its variability throughout. For this reason, the stone allows people to use it to ensure the necessary consistency and order in the interior while choosing the design that can satisfy the needs and preferences of a particular user.

Variability of Veining and Color

Undoubtedly, some limitations such as the straight cements of some natural stones are not true for a modern solution such as Calacatta Quartz. First of all, this is because a large spectrum of such a design is available throughout. As of now, there are already over fifty distinct kinds of Calacatta Quartz , all of which can be utilized for various interior spaces and purposes. Second, artificial coloring of the material makes it suitable, and the whole diversity is easy to get during the crafting of a stone piece.

Versatility of Designs

Finally, it is also essential to note that such a stone as Calacatta Quartz is extremely versatile. The processes of its engineering and the technology in general allow creating diverse patterns, textures, and designs. What is more, even the application areas can be different, including everything from kitchen countertops and backsplashes to various types of floor and wall installations. Recent statistics show that over the past few years, specialists have come to use the solution more readily for outdoor kitchens and commercial facades, with the amount in some cases increasing to 40%.

High Aesthetic Consistency

One of the typical weaknesses of natural stone solutions is the fact that such materials often cannot be applied on a large scale. Despite the desire to create a necessary piece for a wide space, the random pattern colors typically acquire from stone to stone make some pieces look inappropriate in connection to the whole interior. Prints and pattern variability is one of the reasons that 85% of interior designers tend to use Calacatta Quartz for large projects where consistency is of the outmost importance.

Quartz Burns Easily

Calacatta Quartz, from heat and up to 150 degrees Celsius (302 degrees Fahrenheit). Calacatta Quartz is engineered for structural impermeability. As Calacatta Quartz is produced to simulate marble, it is one of the oldest examples of quartz material. Hence, the most common myths regarding quartz include users prohibiting their usage at high-heat kitchen environments.

Heat Resistance Testing and Results

The heat resistance of Calacatta Quartz is tested to support its usage in kitchen environments. Heat tests of Calacatta Quartz in the manufacturing sites involve applying the material to various heat sources such as hot metals and direct flames under controlled conditions . The results show that Calacatta Quartz is resistant to temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius . This resistance is proven through lack of burn marks or color alterations.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1867
Quartz Surfaces PMC1867

Comparison of Materials

Natural materials such as granite and marble are also heat-resistant. However, they require scheduled burning and treating as explained earlier, Calacatta Quartz remains resistant thanks to its non-porous organization. Sudden temperature changes in marble may cause thermal shocks and cracks. Hence, the comparison results show that Calacatta Quartz is 30% more resistant against sudden temperature changes.

Common Misconceptions

There is a proven general idea that quartz types can easily burn and melt. Faux Calacatta Quartz samples may have proven this idea. However, real Calacatta Quartz is made up of 90% natural borne quartz . Only resins are used to mold the quartz. In such cases of high temperature resistance in composites. I tend to examine existing condition reports and user-feed reports. Reports indicate that more than 99% of all existing installations are unaffected by near accidents at high-heat countertops. Reports also show that all installed features base resistance features were unharmed. Users report that the quality of quartz increases the probability of increased resistance. Users suggest the use of stove cones and hot spits when placing very hot objects. Users confirm that more than 95% of all cases compensate with their Calacatta Quartz kitchens.

About Panmin

PANMIN is an innovative manufacturer of artificial quartz slabs. PANMINQUARTZ® is man-made quartz surfaces from PANMIN, which can be applied in residential and commercial interior decoration including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and office table. 

Currently, we have three factories, two in China and one in Cambodia to provide sufficient services to our customers.

For more information about PANMIN, please refer to our contact page and we should get back to you ASAP.

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