5 Variations of Calcutta Quartz and Their Unique Beauty

Quartz Surfaces PMC1867

Calcutta quartz variants, celebrated for their unique beauty, seamlessly merge aesthetics with functionality.

Classic Calcutta

Calcutta quartz is a type of quartz stone with a beautiful marble-like appearance. It is a variant of quartz that mimics the natural veining and depth of classic white marble. This piece of material has veining that varies from soft grey to bold black. Calcutta quartz is a visual spectacular that ensures the interior design takes on a new dimension.

Visual Impact and Properties

Calcutta quartz is typically a type of white quartz with a base ranging from luminescent white to creamy white . The veining can also be from incredibly thin and intricate to very strong and thick. The veining varies on this material from faint to boldly black. The depth and pureness of the white background contrast well with the veining in this material. It presents a powerful warming effect that makes any space look stunning. One property of this material is hardness with a score of 7 on the Mohs scale making it resistant to scratching and abrasion.

Practical Applications

Calcutta quartz can be utilised in both the domestic and commercial industries. In a recent project in New York, over 5000 square feet of high-end retailers used it for the flooring and display counters. This type of stone is easy to clean utilising just soap and water and can also withstand staining. This is a perfect choice for these high traffic and high wear applications due to their luxury aesthetic and durability features.

Calcutta quartz is used in modern living where architects and designers choose to use it in kitchen countertops and bathroom sinks. A luxury condominium in downtown Chicago had Calcutta quartz used in all the kitchen surfaces. Quartz was chosen to give texture and patterns similar to those of natural marble with a touch of the original sink but minus the upkeep. After two and a half years, the surfaces remained in excellent condition. Calcutta quartz running in luxury homes demonstrates the quality of stone and the technology behind the industrial process. The other reason is the natural look of the veining. They appear beautiful with both dark wood and/or metal finishes making them adaptable to a wide range of decorative styles.

Calcutta Gold

Calcutta Gold is a luxurious type of quartz with gold and honey-colored veins. It provides the opulent warmth of the classic Calcutta pattern to a room and adds a royal touch to any environment. Calcutta Gold is tight and expensive looking, which contributes to its high price. Although it is a very expensive option, it is a popular material for high-end design projects.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1633
Quartz Surfaces PMC1633

Distinctive features and aesthetics

Calcutta Gold is definitely one of a kind due to its beautiful, warm, and gold veining. Its texture reminds me of the richest chocolate or honey being split. The beauty of the gold veining on is that it is not just the monotone gold color but the different shades of gold starting with the deepest golden hues and ending with a creamier white look. Calcutta Gold’s veins interact with light differently throughout the day. The slab thickness varies depending on the manufacturer and can range from 2 to 3 centimeters. Such slab thickness makes any cut a very durable one .

Optimal uses in design

The material is unique and has a high price, and it is important to use it where the beauty can truly be appreciated. Before finding a usage for Calcutta Gold, its consumers must take its price into consideration. For instance, way too many boutique hotels in San Francisco do not provide beautiful designs which could use a gorgeous material like Calcutta Gold . The perfect use for Calcutta Gold was found in one of San Francisco’s boutique hotel lobbies, where they used the gold quartz to create a feature wall . Thin backlit panels created an absolutely beautiful glow, which could be seen from the outside, but the customers inside the hotel sensed the material’s beauty even more.

Advantages in functionality

The new owner of a new Manhattan high-rise penthouse in “Broadway’s Secret” wants to enjoy cooking, so calcutta gold bars and kitchen islands are the only materials inside and outside the layer designed for permanent use. Calcite gold lines are stained and ruined from use and does not dissolve completely into calcite.

Calcutta Grey

The more muted and versatile member of the Calcutta quartz family, Calcutta Grey boasts a variety of grey veins ranging from a silvery light grey to a dark charcoal tone. Sleek and understated, it is a top choice for designers looking for a contemporary but timeless feel.

Elegance fuelled by Detail

Calcutta Grey is so inviting precisely because of the subtlety and complexity of its veining. Unlike the stark contrast running through its siblings, here the veins are closer in tone to the cool white base, making the transition smoother and the overall finish softer. This, combined with the elegantly muted colour, makes it perfect for spaces that aim for that collected and cool feel. I usually work with polished slabs, as the finish really gives the veining that deep and luxurious feel where each of the thousands of installations is unique.

Stone Surfaces PMC1910
Stone Surfaces PMC1910

Designing with Calcutta Grey

It may seem almost redundant to mention it for such a neutral colour, but Calcutta Grey is extremely versatile. I personally love it in corporate settings as nothing looks quite as professional as a perfect shade of grey. For instance, many cafeterias and meeting rooms in the headquarters of a major technology company in Silicon Valley boast Calcutta grey quartz countertops to achieve that sleek, professional look. A great choice as it is as durable as it is good looking – the surface is much harder to scratch than natural stone and never requires periodic sealing to maintain its beauty, while it is still as easy to clean.

Calcutta Grey quartz flooring slabs were used for the rental units of a series of high-end rental properties in Miami, ensuring not only an aesthetically-pleasing choice but a durable one. As a freelancer offering services worldwide, I worked with my clients to ensure that the absolutely luxurious look would not be purely decorative and short-lived, but rather durable and characteristic of the high-end rental market. Moreover, it harmonizes perfectly with both minimalist design, as well as more industrial themes, looking amazing with natural woods or metals.

Calcutta Black

Calcutta Black quartz is the most striking member of the Calcutta family, featuring a black base with white veining. The contrasts between the two shades are spectacular and make the material a perfect choice for those bored with the classical and favorite marble. The stark whit veining does not only add opulence to the material but also makes it look very modern and contemporary.

Applications and use cases

The General Manager of a newly renovated downtown Chicago hotel decided to use the Calcutta Black for the floor in the main lobby. They intended to make a statement and shock the guests upon their arrival by introducing a material which is strong but appealing. The high reflectivity of Calcutta Black in polished form adds to the luxurious feeling and makes any big room feel even bigger and grander. The material will not make the guests feel uncomfortable or like an impostor due to the need of special care, as it is extremely sturdy and will not break down even in the area with the heaviest foot traffic. The General Manager will make the opportunity sustainable, and the Hotel will not have to pay for any additional work on the material, as it will not degrade or discolor.

In another encountered use case, Calcutta Black was utilized for spa countertops and shower surrounds. The customer was a spa retreat in Southern California close to Los Angeles which we equipped with the material. They will not require anything else, as the material was proven to not scratch even with sand falling on it and not fade under the overwhelming heat and sunlight in the area.

Stone Surfaces PMC1731
Stone Surfaces PMC1731

Combining Calcutta Black with other facilities

Calcutta Black can be a good choice for either a central part of any composition or an addition. It can be combined with brass and copper metals which are used around the world in the most luxurious contemporary buildings. The latest example is a string of premium home kitchens, in which the architects combine Calcutta Black with copper faucets and light oak cabinetery.

Calcutta Green

Calcutta Green quartz is a delightful variation from a classic Calcutta design. One of the most outstanding features is the green veining that twists through the creamy stone. As a result, the quartz brings a bit of fresh outdoor air to the collection of robust stones. It makes the stone perfect for spaces that strive for the purest of aesthetics and the most vibrant of atmospheres. The stone’s variations can provide light mint colours to a greeny sage base. As the result, the contrast against the soft worm background may be gentler compared to the others, such as Calcutta black, but it is still stunning. Moreover, every slab has veins that vary in form, size, and depth, meaning that each installation of the quartz is completely unique.

Design Implementations

Firstly, this quartz is widely used in spas and wellness centres, in which the stone can provide a caring and relaxing environment. For example, at a wellness centre in Aspen, Calcutta Green is used to enhance the feelings of being in nature, as it is featured in the reception and treatment rooms. Secondly, the quartz shares all the characteristics of durability, meaning it can be used in residential as well as commercial spaces. Therefore, the most recent installation of the product was carried out in Seattle in a high-end kitchen. The quartz was implemented for a countertop on the kitchen island. However, besides its functionality, the homeowners also appreciated the beauty and intensity of the stone. Finally, this quartz is the most versatile in terms of colour and harmony. It goes well with woods, matt blacks, or glass amongst other collection of stones. Before the quarantine, a bathroom of a boutique hotel in Miami that was featuring bathroom vanities of a calcutta green quartz and the reclaimed wood accent. The process of doing the space up with the brushed gold taps springs to mind as the example of luxurious and tranquil space that combines all the good things in life.

About Panmin

PANMIN is an innovative manufacturer of artificial quartz slabs. PANMINQUARTZ® is man-made quartz surfaces from PANMIN, which can be applied in residential and commercial interior decoration including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and office table. 

Currently, we have three factories, two in China and one in Cambodia to provide sufficient services to our customers.

For more information about PANMIN, please refer to our contact page and we should get back to you ASAP.

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