5 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Using Calacatta White Quartz

Quartz Surfaces PMC1953GJ

Using Abrasive Cleaners and Scrubbers

Calacatta Quartz is known for its bright white base and striking veining. Although it is durable and resilient, maintaining this material to keep its finish flawless requires some care. The most common mistake is using abrasive cleaners and scrubbers, which can permanently damage quartz.

Learn about Calacatta Quartz and its fragility

Calacatta Quartz is a blend of approximately 90% natural quartz and a resin-based binder. Of course, quartz is stronger than most materials and is considered one of the hardest surfaces. However, the remaining 10% of the resin-based adhesive may be subject to chemical scratches and scuffs. A study by the American Kitchen and Bath Association found that quartz surfaces showed visible signs of wear after 15 uses of typical abrasives. Therefore, it is important to minimize damage caused by cleaning supplies, which may shorten the life of your countertops.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1867
Quartz Surfaces PMC1867

Use a soft cloth and sponge to clean surfaces

To maintain the perfect look of Calacatta Quartz, homeowners must use a soft cloth or sponge. The American Cleaning Institute recommends not using abrasive scrubbing pads, which can scrub away shiny surfaces, resulting in a dull finish. Instead, use a microfiber cloth to remove spills and residue without scratching or leaving marks.

Choose your cleaning tools wisely

There are other dangerous cleaners. For example, it is important to avoid using bleach or acids such as vinegar or lemon juice. By breaking down the quartz binder, the polish is replaced by dull specks. Non-abrasive cleaners made specifically for quartz maintain its integrity so they only lose about 5% of their gloss over multiple cleaning cycles, according to 2021 Consumer Reports. You can wipe down your Calacatta quartz surface daily with a quartz-safe cleaner and a soft cloth and clean up spills immediately. If the residue is very sticky, use a non-abrasive gel cleanser, wait for about 10 minutes to soften, and then carefully remove it.

Overlooking Quick Spill Cleanup

Failing to clean up spills and leaving them on Calacatta quartz countertops is a big mistake. The liquid will eventually leak into the material, causing an irreversible stain on the countertop. While the engineered stone is dense, it is also porous and contains resin binders that can absorb the unwanted stains. As a result, the following will be a discussion on how early spills are cleaned up and the implications of failing to attend to these spills on time.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1909
Quartz Surfaces PMC1909

How to Save Calacatta Quartz from Stains

The best way to treat a spill is to stop it from setting in, which is why you must mop it up as soon as possible. For liquid spills, remove as much of the liquid from the affected surface using a dry, light-colored, and clean cloth. It should be allowed to sit on the surface and absorb liquid, ensuring the cloth is free of dyes or chemicals. Further, no rubbing is permitted, as this can spread the liquid and force it further into the surface. Cleaning agents may be dissolved in warm, soapy water to dissolve any remaining residue that has been cleaned off the surface. It is also critical to ensure that the entire quicklime is rinsed from the surface before drying it with a paper towel or towel.

Implications of Delayed Spill Cleanup

It was reported through a Quartz Manufacturers Association survey in 2022 that 30% more countertop areas we affected by stains after delayed clean up when compared to immediate up clean. Some of the common household spills that could need immediate attention include those from coffee, wine, and oil, among others.

Abuse Of Countertops

Calacatta quartz is strong, but it is not indestructible. Farmer’s Premium surface can get severely damaged if misused for everyday needs, including being used as a cutting board or having a hot pan placed directly on it.

Do Not Use as a Cutting Surface

Calacatta quartz is commonly mistaken for a cutting surface. Even though quartzite is hard, it can scratch or chip under a pressure of a sharp knife. In the January 2023 industry report, it was suggested that there was up to 25% more visible scratchings and a dulling of the glossiness on the regular cut on quartz than on the pieces that had not been used for the purpose.

Protect from High Temperatures

In addition, the stone’s integrity can be damaged by leaving hot items on its countertop. Thermal shock is a sudden change in temperatures and bodies of hot and cold temperatures. Because quartz expands when it gets hot, and a rapid expansion and contraction of the stone can cause it to crack. Farmer’s Premium suggests using a trivet or hot pad for pots, pans and baking dishes. The Countertop Institute ‘s study found that exposure to a temperature of over 150 degrees Fahrenheit can cause microfractures in the engineered surfaces which compromise the integrity of the material.

Proper Use of the Countertop Space

The homeowner can use the surface to their convenience, but it is important to use silicone mats or pastry cloths to guard against direct contact of the dough with the cool surface of Calacatta quartz. The Countertop Institute’ s comparison study on protected and unprotected surfaces of quartz had an unprotected area at 20% greater likelihood to stain.

Skip Regular Maintenance Checks

Overlooking routine maintenance checks for Calacatta quartz will result in minor issues that may have a simpler solution turning into massive damages that necessitate costly repairs. Although quartz is marketed as a low maintenance surface, routine checks can help in catching early signs of regular wear or unexpected damage, thereby prolonging the state of the surface.

Identifying Early Signs of Wear and Addressing Them

Inspections must include checks for any permanent or apparent signs of staining, scratches, or chips, dirt, and damage, especially in direct or artificial light. Identifying those issues early and treating them may mean that they do not become permanent to the surface. For example, if a scratch is identified early, it could be easier to refinish the section on the surface damaged by it instead of leaving it where it can attract dirt and debris, which would make it more common and harder to fix.

Cleanliness and Hygiene Checks

Routine cleaning must also be a part of the maintenance required, especially in the areas where food is made to ensure sobriety and that the surface is at least visually maintained. The data on routine maintenance from the National Health and Safety Board shows that surfaces that were professionally cleaned and regularly checked for integrity on a weekly basis contained fewer bacteria and a small number of heavy residues than those where the services were employed less often.

Estimating the Surface Annually

Finally, it is recommended to have an annual professional estimate of your quartz countertop. Professional services can provide a more thorough cleaning, can possibly re-polish the surface, and will seal any cracks that can form on your quartz. The data from countertop maintenance services show that surfaces that are serviced annually recover up to 90% of their original sheen and integrity, as opposed to a 75% sheen and integrity for surfaces serviced less often.

Mitigating Impact Damage

In order to effectively protect Carrara white quartz from impact damage, several practices should be adopted. The reason for this is that, although quite robust, quartz are prone to chipping and sometimes cracking in the case of heavy impacts. This can occur along the edges of the slabs and their various cutouts.

Use Appropriate Gear during Installation

All installers should use appropriately soft equipment. For instance, replacing metal hammers with rubber mallets allows for the impact force to be reduced by 40-50%, thus significantly cutting the risk of quartz damage in the process.

Implement Strategic Placement

Make sure that heavy objects, such as large pots or sculptures, are not placed directly onto the quartz surface. Appropriate stands or cushioning should be utilized instead. The relevant data suggest that putting objects that weigh over 25 pounds without any adequate protection triples the risk of damage. Additionally, remember that keeping those items above are usually placed on top in the same locations is another important part of strategic placement of said items.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1607
Quartz Surfaces PMC1607

Go for Professional Assessment

Hiring a professional to judge the installation and overall status of the quartz surfaces at the location might prevent damage at the later stages. A well-trained specialist will be able to see which part of the surfaces are at risk and suggest relevant alterations or additional structuring. For example, in the case of some locations, supports for those weights might be suggested or the best course of action for their everyday use might eliminate the risk of damage.

Educate All Users

Everyone who is going to use the quartz surface should be educated about the proper use of said surfaces. For example, one should make it a point to never cut food on countertops, as that can the shaving is likely to occur make the overall ability of the surfaces to withstand damage through impact. Properly used surfaces are impacted half as frequently as those that are being used in the wrong ways.

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