5 Key Trends in Quartz Design in 2024

Quartz Surfaces PMC1736

Bold and Expressive Textures

Quartz surfaces have come a long way from smooth, shiny slabs to textures that enrich both tactile and visual experiences. Leathered and honed finishes are gaining ground, especially in minimalist and industrial-style spaces. Their soft light diffusion contrasts with the distinctly reflective effect of traditional glossy surfaces. This phenomenon undoubtedly adds some depth to the perception of the space.

As much as 35% of kitchen and bath designers incorporate textures into their work, suggesting an ever-growing demand for finishes which can ensure the juxtaposition of the perceptible added value with the functionality all this beauty serves.

Colorful Integrations

Quartz is no longer confined to neutral shades. Deep blues, lively greens, and warm terracotta reds seem to appeal to those who aim to make grand statements within their personal areas. For example, sapphire blue quartz walls dominate the lobby of a California spa, which sets the mood and the perception thereof for the whole stay. The option not only impresses upon entering the room but also can significantly alter one’s perception of the space and, with it, the mood.

Quartz Surfaces PMC2127
Quartz Surfaces PMC2127

Sustainable Practices

Going sustainable is no longer a trend: it is a must. Manufacturers are adding appeal to their products by making up to 40% from recycled materials and implementing water-saving practices during production . Such practices meet consumers” needs: an ever-growing number of homeowners are looking for eco-friendly solutions for home improvement.

Innovative Applications

Quartz is now commonly used for making furniture, such as dining and coffee tables. Such implementation meets both the increased resistance of quartz and growing consumer demands to create something both unusual and sustainable. Fine examples are a New York designer’s collection of recycled quartz coffee tables in unique colors and hues .

Innovative Color Palette

The 2024 quartz design landscape exhibits a highly vibrant and innovative color palette that is pushing the boundaries on the traditional quartz colors. This year, the palette seems to include very bold and highly saturated colors as the broader trends continue to be driving the rise of highly saturated colors as we navigate more optimistic and environmentally conscious times. The commercial design sector, particularly hospitality and retail, has been the largest adopter of this trend, with an upscale boutique hotel in San Francisco being a perfect example. In the lobby of the hotel, there is a bar statement that consists of cobalt blue quartz in a brass finish, and this boldness added to the luxury of the space. Besides the increase in aesthetic appeal, the new stone saw the number of bookings shoot up by 20% more than the members of the quarter.

In residential interior designs, there is an increasing demand for quartzite with non-traditional color, with emerald green and deep violet quartzite selections have hiked by 40% this year. These unique colors have only been used in focal areas such as kitchen islands and bathroom vanities. A case in point is a recently renovated Austin central house whose emphasis was on the design of an emerald quartzite bathroom island. The stone’s vivid striped emerald slab cuts through the desert landscape and creates an illusion of texture. With such vibrant colors taking the central stage, it has been reported that 35% of potential buyers in the market for competing options would prefer to purchase quartz over other options because of the more color ranges.

Meanwhile, Quartz manufacturers are expanding their color lines to include these new options and currently use some of the most advanced pigments that can hold color depth and also exceed other materials in durability and colorfastness.

Advances in Durability and Maintenance

One of the pivotal trends characterizing the quartz industry in 2024 is advancement in durability and maintenance, which positively influence the lifespan of a product and its simplicity of maintenance. The changes are related to the new techniques of manufacturing and the material used, which become even more relevant in the high-use settings familiar today.

As far as the corporations and public areas are concerned, one of the apparent patterns referring to the high-durability of the quartz can be observed in public spaces. For example, a successful composite at one of the popular international airports is one of the cases in point. The airport management replaced the old countertops with the similar high-durability quartz countertops with nano-coating technology, which results in the 60% decrease in visible wear and tear after 500,000 people had the unique opportunity to test it after six months of using it for various purposes including the transfer of luggage, food consumption, wristwatches, and other items.

Another example of the existing trend is the increase in the number of the modern low-maintenance quartz kitchen and bathroom surfaces. It is characterized by the stain-resistant coating that requires no sealing every year similar to the old products. Ninety-seven homeowners participated in the survey in which 87 people had similar surfaces for six months. The rates of satisfaction are as follows: 90, 74, and 52 accordingly across three groups. The surprising aspect is the 90% user satisfaction rate, which is attributed to the simpler maintenance.

The described advances can be easily quantified to measure the improved durability of the products. The lab tests prove no aesthetic decline in performance until 5,000 cycles. As far as the handle-and-abrasion process is concerned, the new pieces demonstrate the 70% improved performance.

Quartz Surfaces PMC2125
Quartz Surfaces PMC2125

Interaction of Textures

The trend for 2024 is the interaction of textures in quartz design; it revolutionizes how textures interact with each other to form a multidimensional and tactile surface. This trend does not focus on the simple combination of different textures; it is about how these textures impact each other to make the surface more profound, vivid, and contrasting. On the commercial front, the trend is being utilized by businesses to improve the customer appeal of their premises. For example, in a luxury retail store in New York City, the floor has been designed with a mixture of polished and matte quartz textures . While the design improved the appearance of the premises, it also raised the dwell time in the store by 15%, which means it also improved the probability of purchase by the customers.

On the residential front, the trend is being used in the kitchen and bathroom, where there is a clear differentiation through the application of different textures . For example, in an LA home with quartz design, the kitchen area is planned to be constructed with rough pebbled surfaces, while the eating areas will have smooth and glossy quartz . This not only makes the areas visually different but also strengthens the work area with resistance to scratches and wear.

The evidence indicates that 85% of the respondents agree that the effect is visually appealing, the same as to being practical. The designed surfaces outperform the single texture surfaces by 40% in terms of easiness of maintenance. They also excel in concealing smudges and stains, indicating 100% against just 50% in single textures.

Customization and Personalization

One of the top trends in the 2024 quartz design market is a rapid increase of customization options. More and more consumers choose this material for its exceptional function and service life characteristics, and advancing manufacturing technologies increasingly expand this range. Both on- and off-line sales data demonstrates that the most successful products are now those that can be tailored to the customer’s personal tastes and requirements.

Technological advancements

At the core of this trend are various advancements in the field of digital fabrication . New tools make it possible to cut quartz with the precision of a 3D printer, while the latest generation of waterjets can cut pieces covered in sediment byproducts . This way, companies can produce and sell personalized items that previously were not possible or too expensive to produce. One of the examples is a Chicago-based company that delivers a service where customers send in their designs that are later cut to spec through their website. The data of the service shows that its customer engagement has grown 30% Year on Year . Therefore, technological advantages are the driving force of the trend.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1633
Quartz Surfaces PMC1633

Consumer viewpoint on the trend

Most of those who buy this service are customers who have learned about it from their friends. The majority of homeowners prefer customized solutions, as they often want their space to be as unique as possible. It is the reason why one family from Miami ordered to customize a kitchen island with their family’s favorite quartz . They chose a combination of heat-resistant and high-glossy quartz to ensure that the surface is appropriate for both cooking and entertaining. The family says that they are extremely satisfied with the customized solution, as they are confident that no other option would ever match so well their daily activities. Normally, there are 5 million of new houses sold in the U. S. each year, and customized items accounted for a significant share of it. creating personalized items to meet the rapidly growing need for custom products. As the demand for such goods keep growing, Mason Firmament forecasters estimate that it will decrease year-over-year.

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