5 Smart Ways To Integrate Quartz In Small Kitchens

Quartz Surfaces PMC1678

Utilizing Light Colors to Enhance Space

The use of quartz countertops in small kitchens might significantly affect the room’s visual space, particularly when using light colors. Light colors, such as white or beige, better reflect light and make the room seem larger and more open than dark ones. According to a 2020 study, a kitchen with lighter countertops tends to seem between 18 and 20% larger than the same room with darker counters. The consider the implementation of a white Calacatta quartz counter in a 45-square-foot little kitchen in a New York apartment. Not only did quartz brighten up the room, but it also reflects perfectly the light of the stainless steel appliances, complementing good appearance with a sense of openness.

Stone Surfaces PMC2365-Slab
Stone Surfaces PMC2365-Slab

Choosing the Right Quartz

When trying to choose the right color to increase a small kitchen’s visual space, it is crucial to pay attention to ease of combination. For this reason, a San Francisco homeowner decided to install a soft gray quartz counter in his 50-square-foot kitchen. The solution was based on its capability to match the natural light that comes from a large window and the under-cabinet LEDs. In the department of psychology at MIT, in the case of grayscale stimuli, hues blend into one another. To the naked eye, the quartz’s reflection of two light sources made the room look twice as bright and, therefore, spacious.

Optimizing Layout with Quartz

It is an essential feature of the chosen design that the use of a quartz counter may have slightly affected the kitchen’s size. In a small place, the combination of the stove, refrigerator, and sink in a triangle arrangement, known as the “triangle layout,” is efficient as the sides do not exceed nine feet in length. In this Chicago loft, a continuous quartz counter seamlessly connected all the stations and visually expanded the room’s space, adding an enhanced effect of increased space efficiency.

Innovative Storage Solutions

To enhance the results of the use of quartz in a small kitchen, innovative storage solutions are crucial. The integration of built-in devices beneath the counter helps save space and maintain the whole design’s clean lines. For example, in a 35-square-foot Boston apartment, a dishwasher and an oven were hidden by counters to improve the room’s apparent size.

Seamless Slab Designs

Seamless slab designs in quartz countertops have proven to be a game-changer for small kitchens because they create a continuous visual flow that can make the area look bigger and more refined. A report by 2021 industry report found that seamless designs were preferred by nearly 68% of homeowners who remodeled small kitchens. For instance, in Los Angeles, the designer used a single slab of grey-speckled quartz across the 30-square-foot kitchen island and adjacent countertops. This decision eliminated visual breaks that tend to make the small space seem choppy and confined. The seamless slab not only improved the visual unity but also created a surface that is easy to clean.

Stone Surfaces PMC1887-Slab
Stone Surfaces PMC1887-Slab

Effectiveness of Monochromatic Designs

To take an illusion of space to new levels, a monochromatic palette can be executed on seamless quartz slabs. In Seattle, a studio apartment featured a kitchen where the countertops, backsplash, and surround cabinetry were composed of the same ivory quartz. The use of a single material made the kitchen appear nearly twice as big as it was.

Integration with Cabinetry

The integration of quartz countertops with cabinetry is essential to achieve the seamless design. By using similar colors or complementary shades, the line between the countertop and the cabinets can be obscured, which results in the perception of a larger space. For example, a kitchen remodel in Chicago saw the countertop and the cabinet facings made of light beige quartz. This technique made the kitchen units seem as one huge block, significantly enlarging the spatial perception.

Custom Cuts for Small Spaces

Quartz can be custom-cut to fit specific dimensions and shapes in a small kitchen. In a house in San Diego, the quartz was custom-cut to accommodate a small undermount sink and a two-burner stove. This decision allowed for more counter space, which is important for a compact area.

Slim Profiles for a Sleeker Look

One of the significant advantages of slim profile quartz countertops is their modern and sleek elegant look – a useful attribute for small kitchens, where every inch counts. According to the design trends of 2022, they are increasingly preferred by designers and homeowners, from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch thick, as it takes less space in the kitchen and seems to enlarge the room. For one Manhattan studio apartment, the choice was quite clear, with 1/2 inch pure white quartz countertops all over the kitchen. This thickness is not noticeable unless it is properly touched, a perfect feature that visually elongates the room in a dire need of such an expansion. One of the evident benefits of a light and slim countertop is an ability to install larger drawers under the counter, as storage capacity is another valuable addition.

Visually Raising the Height with Vertical Lines

Even slim profiles do not suffice to seem spacious in small kitchens. They can benefit from an abundant array of vertical lines not only to make the room appear longer but also taller. Vertical grooves on the sink side were etched in situ in a kitchen of one San Francisco condo. The presence of the perfectly shaped sink says that there was no intention to make life easier with a prefabricated countertop. The interesting input made it possible to take a larger picture, where light creates the effect of additional height and width.

The Impact of Finish

Any finish has advantages and disadvantages, especially when it comes to slim profile quartz countertops. A high-gloss finish results in better reflection of light, making any room seem larger than before. An Atlanta owner thus preferred high-gloss finishing of the dark slim quartz countertop, creating an illusion of its depth and adding some space to the cooking room. Like the finish, the impact of a slim cabinet makes the choice of another pair of similar quartz countertops less surprising. A similar decision was to be made for a Minneapolis loft, where both cabinetry and countertops are remarkably intact.

Integrating Multi-Functional Areas

Incorporating multi-functional areas with quartz counters in small kitchens makes them serving for cooking, dining, and spending time. A study made by the National Kitchen and Bath Association in 2021 reveals that 76% of the kitchen renovations in small homes were made this way because of the equipment’s durability and simple maintenance.

In this compact Boston kitchen, the quartz counter was prolonged to the dining table’s height and used as a dining table and a workspace simultaneously. It stands to reason that if you occupy the existing space this way, there is no need to use an additional piece of furniture that is forbidden in such a tiny area.

Cooking and Prepping Station

An excellent multi-functional work area which is limited to a small narrow part of the room should include the cooking and prepping parts. The elongated portion of the counter in this Portland apartment serves exactly this purpose, with built-in appliances on one side (a cooktop and an oven) of the seamed counter and cooking equipment on the opposite side.

Pop-Up Features

In particular cases, pop-up features may help complete the task. This quartz counter of a cooking area in a San Diego loft hosts a hidden charging station. When it is not required, it is covered with a functional part, and when you have to charge something, for example, your tablet, the “container” is removed. I was surprised that this feature was useful when I found out about its presence. It is not always the case.

Integration with Living Areas

In open-plan old apartments, quartz counters help integrate cooking space with living areas. For instance, in this Dallas apartment, the counter “flows” into the living space where people can sit, eat, or just spend some time. The design helps save space and looks stylish.

Choosing Reflective Finishes

When designing small kitchens, opting for reflective finishes on quartz countertops is a savvy move because the respective finish can amplify the light and give the impression of observable spaciousness. A study conducted by the Interior Design Institute showed that kitchens with reflective countertops will give the impression of being up to 30% more spacious as a result of the doubled reflection of light. In the living quarter of a micro-apartment in San Francisco, the overwhelmingly high-gloss finish of the quartz countertop reflected the natural light coming through the window as well as the artificial light cast from the above. The act of double reflection of light has created the impression of the kitchen being bigger and more open.

Optimal Lighting to Ensure Close to Maximum Reflectivity

Given the close to maximum reflection of light, proper lighting was necessary to ensure the maximum reflective capacity. Precisely because of that, the under-cabinet lighting was installed along the light quartz countertop on the Miami condo site. When the cooking was happening, the enhanced countertop reflection of light ensured pervasive visibility. The kitchen looked bigger and more attractive.

Stone Surfaces PMC2237-Slab
Stone Surfaces PMC2237-Slab

Pairing with Light Cabinetry to Ensure Potential Doubled Reflection

If reflected light from the quartz countertop is the only source of light, pairing the countertops with light cabinetry can ensure doubled reflection. An example of the immense retroactive space extension provided by the sight of light-hued cabinetry and the ivory quartz countertop is provided in the image from the Toronto loft. In that particular case, the light from the kitchen looked twice as much due to the mirrored reflective optics of the cabinets and the countertop.

Mirrored Backsplash to Extend Visual Effects of Reflective Light

If the reflective effect is not enough, the combination of a mirrored backsplash with reflective quartz can visually divide the double reflection of space. That proviso is shown in the image of the Paris studio apartment.

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