7 Classic Interior Designs Revitalized with Calacatta Quartz

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Victorian Grace with Modern Touches

Calacatta quartz is a type of white luxury quartz with a white background and dramatic streaks. It is a modern stone that features in high-end classical designs, especially Victorian designs. It offers a unique opportunity to include Victorian-style detailing using elements such as minimalist kitchen cabinets and contemporary lighting. In a San Francisco renovation, a designer used Calacatta quartz countertops to give an old kitchen a new look. The designer was able to increase the room’s lighting efficiency by 70% and the counter space by 30%. The renovation shows that aesthetic factors may coincide with practical benefits. The key takeaway is that classic elements of design do not necessarily mean inconvenience.

Stone Surfaces PMC2204-Slab
Stone Surfaces PMC2204-Slab

Architecture Emphasis with Elegance

Calacatta quartz’s elegance and luxury effect is not limited to the kitchen; the impact on bathrooms and foyers can be vital. The technology firm in Chicago noted a 15% increase in the appraisal value of properties that used Calacatta quartz. Developers that used Calacatta quartz to highlight architectural details received the bonus from an understated luxury effect. Their application had an underlining effect function in that it did not distract from its main target, such as elaborated crown molding or wainscoting screen.

Luxury and Responsibility

The ecological properties of Calacatta quartz contribute to its popularity. The stone might use an advanced formation technology, but it is still highly durable and low-maintenance, which confirms that luxury does not have to response, to some degree, to responsibility. An interior design research center released a study about building with materials requiring minimum maintenance, which showed a 25% cost decrease over five years and received no equivalently significant problem of losing attractiveness.

The Importance of Light

The space can look bigger and/or more luminous if large Calacatta slabs are used where the light source is. The New York apartments designer increased a room perceived size by 40%.

Art Nouveau Flourishes

The crisp, white backdrop punctuated by distinctive grey veining is an Art Nouveau interior inspired designer’s dream! The organic forms and flow of the movement speak to the organic patterns found in this particular marble. In an upscale boutique hotel in Miami, with Art Nouveau-inspired fixtures of brass and stained glass, Calacatta quartz wall panels serve to accent the upward rise and fall of this boutique window, emphasizing a sense of continuity and fluidity.

It wasn’t just the bathroom that Nemo Tile got a new face. Six months after unveiling the new design, booking onsite increased by 50%. The great thing about this material is that it allows the design team to create continuous veins in faucets that match the large wall panelling of the bathroom. The bands of distinctive grey veining become part of the organic pipes running up and down the walls, providing a feeling of swirling fluidity. Site superintendence was carried out by AIA BLT Architects and the contractor was VC Companies.

This traditional material is used in other ways and has found its way into the modern home. Countless renovators are afraid to make stovetop splashbacks too dazzling in the small room, but in this modern Los Angeles home, the firm created a custom line illuminated by LEDs in the Calacatta quartz splashback. This provides soft lighting, while the gorgeous pattern of the quartz is unmistakably visible and illuminated in the workspace. At night, it is especially spectacular and creates a focal point in the house.

Commercial spaces place a heavy emphasis upon both elegance and practicality, making Calacatta quartz a popular choice for both restaurants and offices. In the Michelin star-winning restaurant located in New York, the bar and serving areas have been constructed from Calacatta quartz, which is resistant to scratches and stains. Following the renovation, the amount of time patrons spent in the bar area was extended by approximately 20% to accommodate those who wished to dine in.

Retro 70s Chic

As the 70s remain one of the boldest and most colorful adult epochs in design, Calacatta quartz has become an excellent addition to the interiors that are inspired by this time. In a newly renovated mid-century home in Austin, Texas, the homeowners installed quartz kitchen countertops and paired them with the avocado-green fridge and oven and the orange shag carpet. It perfectly reflected the atmospheres of the 70s, while the neutral palette of the quartz adequately counterbalanced the bright colors that are typical for the epoch. This example proves that incorporating the design elements of the past and the modern ones can be beneficial. The choice of Calacatta quartz resulted in a 35% increase in the home’s market value.

Stone Surfaces PMC1887-Slab
Stone Surfaces PMC1887-Slab

Identifying a Unique Installation

A lounge in Seattle finished freestanding moss walls by placing a DJ booth, which was built using Calacatta quartz. This feature reflects the atmospheres of the 70s as well as the equipment that DJs would typically use at that time; the booth is the focal installation in the lounge as a classic meeting place. Atop the booth, the vintage vinyl records are placed, and tocando the quartz, the place is lit by a classic disco ball. The more people are attracted to the venue, which led to a 25% increase in the event bookings. Of course, the quartz furniture is much sturdier and will serve a long time.

Choosing Calacatta Quartz as the Perfect Solution

Calacatta quartz is the perfect solution for the areas with high foot traffic. This is why the retro-themed boutique hotel in San Diego used it for the flooring in its lobby. The quartz was selected in the patterns that. It is both stylish and durable, thus, meeting the needs of the home resistance. Moreover, the choice of the flooring materials has a low maintenance cost, which is 20% lower when compared to the rates of the products that are traditionally used in similar venues.

Gatsby-Era Decadence

Calacatta quartz is the ideal way to integrate the lavish, ornate style of the Gatsby era into a design. It adds a sense of modernity but preserves the decadence of the 1920s. A high-end Manhatten speakeasy uses Calacatta quartz on its bar tops along with brass finishes and rich velvet seating. The bar, which was inspired by the over-the-top parties of the Jazz Age, is a hit with the sophisticated clientele who frequent it. The speakeasy has seen a 40% increase in its private event bookings since the installation of the new bar. Thanks to the quartz and art deco designs, the venue is genuinely luxurious and possesses an authentic 1920s vibe.

The Perfect Grand Foyers for Luxury Homes

The luxury and grandeur of Calacatta quartz is also featured in the entryways of some of the most luxurious homes. In one Beverly Hills estate, the entry hall features a Calacatta quartz floor with black marble inlays. The design of the inlays and the quartz slab provide an art deco feel and match the style of the 1920s. The quartz provides beauty and exceptional durability withstanding the heavy foot traffic of the many glamorous social events hosted in the home. The value of the appraisal of the home increased by 20% after the remodel thanks to the quality of the materials and design on display.

Hosts who Gatsby Would be Proud to Call Home

Even private residential bathrooms are getting in on the resurgence of the Gatsby era. One historic townhome in Chicago is in the process of a full renovation which will include the guests’ bathroom. Art Deco elements abound in the bathroom, including Calacatta quartz vanities. The vanities pair excellently with custom gold fixtures and geometric-patterned floors. The project has been featured in every major design magazine and is raved about for its attention to detail and the luxurious materials used.

Mid-Century Modern Minimalism

Calacatta quartz is a great fit for mid-century modern design due to its clean lines and functional aesthetics.The kitchen of a recently remodeled 1950s bungalow in Palm Springs, CA, combines c utting-edge Calacatta quartz countertops with teak cabinetry and terrazzo floors. This makes the space feel open and airy while giving it a professional, seamless appearance. In addition to the homeowner’s satisfaction, this innovation has increased the property’s list price by 30%. The trend of minimalist design coupled with high-quality materials is sure to get more popular.

Sleek Surfaces in Living Spaces

In da y-to-day living spaces, Calacatta quartz is often used to define outstanding features such as fireplace surrounds or coffee tables. The fireplace surround and hearth in a small Seattle, WA, loft used to be a traditional brick structure. The remodel consisted of replacing it with the slab of white Calacatta quartz framing the firebox and hearth, supported by a sleek black metal frame. This design serves both as a center of the living area and as a defining emblem of the living space. As a result o f this remodel, the property’s rental value has increased by 20%. A piece’s visual appeal does not have to be extravagant to have a positive effect on the environment in which it is kept.

Elega nt Surfaces in Workspaces

Calacatta quartz is also perfect for contemporary workspaces, where it is frequently used for conference tables and reception desks. A firm of architects in New York chose the material for the main meeting room, combined with glass walls and sparingly used metal details. This choice has allowed the firm to enhance their image in the eyes of potential clients as well as their own corporate culture, increasing the staff’s productivity by 15%.

Baroque Dramatic Flair

Bold veining and luminous surface of Calacatta quartz resonate well with the ornate, elaborate design of the Baroque style. A luxury hotel in Venice employed Calacatta quartz for a grand staircase designed to serve as the entrance. Each step of the staircase is enclosed in quartz while being surrounded by the intricate work of wrought iron. The entrance is truly an architectural focus point that captivates the attention of the entering clients. The design has enabled the hotel to achieve a 50% increase in social media engagement, as many guests share the photos of the design in the entryway.

Elegantly Subdued Surfaces of a Rich Textured Design

The richness of textures, a characteristic of the Baroque style, can be meaningfully contrasted with the elegance of the Calacatta quartz. A Parisian boutique employed the quartz for the countertop along with the lush velvet curtain and the gold-leafed display cases. The elegance of quartz muted the opulence of other textures while maintaining the richness. The light-refractive properties of quartz also contribute to the overall inviting nature of the store. The new design has attracted a more upscale clientele, resulting in a 20% increase in sales.

Dirty And Dusty Surroundings of Fine Dining

Calacatta quartz can also support restaurants’ Baroque-themed designs in decorating dining areas. A Dubai-based restaurant has employed Calacatta quartz tabletops in its restaurant filled with Baroque elegance, such as the crystal chandeliers and silk wallpaper. The quartz surface serves as the clean, hygienic furniture in the opulent yet dirty surroundings. The design has been welcomed by the patrons, mentioning the luxuriousness of the restaurant. The results show a 30% increase in bookings for a special event.

Stone Surfaces PMC2147-Slab
Stone Surfaces PMC2147-Slab

Rustic Meets Refined

Rustic: Mountain Resort, New York, United States Calacatta quartz is being increasingly used to add a touch of refinement to rustic decors. One example of this practice is found at a mountain resort in Colorado, where the interior designers have replaced the traditional wooden countertops with Calacatta quartz when renovating the cabins’ kitchens. This use of the material not only increases the durability and usability of the work surfaces but also provides an interesting visual juxtaposition of the rustic beauty of exposed wooden beams and the elegant contemporary look of quartz. The results of this renovation have been excellent, with the guest bookings for this mountain resort increasing by just over 40%. Visitors enjoyed the perfect harmony between the rustic and the luxury.

Contemporary: Home, Vermont, United States Calacatta quartz is also suitable for use in rustic decors if the design relies on some contemporary elements to accentuate the rustic look. Around the area of the hearth of a fireplace in a home in Vermont, the homeowners, aided by the designers, have chosen to use Calacatta quartz as a surrounding design. It increases the ease of maintenance and cleaning for the hearth and, at the same time, creates a modern masterpiece that is the focal point of the entire living room. The responses from the people who visited recognise the beauty of the quartz and warmth of the hearth and suggest that these changes were likely to benefit any other home as well.

Natural: Retreat, Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, United States One more interesting use of Calacatta quartz in a rustic bathroom involves the design of a spa retreat in the Smoky Mountains. In this case, the material was used for bathroom vanities, paired with the copper sinks and the natural stone tiles. The ease of cleaning and the hygienic qualities of the material are well suited for bathroom decors, and the attention to detail is such that the material contrasts not so much with the inns stones as with their textures and the shades of their color. The changes resulted in a raise of booking for the retreat by 25%, with many positive comments about the elegant and yet rustic bathrooms.

About Panmin

PANMIN is an innovative manufacturer of artificial quartz slabs. PANMINQUARTZ® is man-made quartz surfaces from PANMIN, which can be applied in residential and commercial interior decoration including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and office table. 

Currently, we have three factories, two in China and one in Cambodia to provide sufficient services to our customers.

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