5 Ways To Use White Carrara Quartz In Your Living Room

Quartz Surfaces PMC1576

Marble Coffee Table

Integrating a Carrara quartz marble coffee table into a living room design not only brings elegance but also serves as a usable focal point. For instance, a family located in suburban Chicago selected a rectangular table, which was 48 inches long, to suit their living room, and it provided enough space for a pile of books and other decorative items. The table also accommodated board games, which were played occasionally when the family got together. Furthermore, an appropriate choice of curtain color will complement Carrara quartz, as noted by a designer from San Francisco. Hence, her project offers a curved beige sofa and cream wool rugs framing the coffee table, providing a homely and sophisticated atmosphere.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1576
Quartz Surfaces PMC1576

Dimmable LED lights are great for highlighting the table’s features beyond the daytime while pointing out the plethora of white and grey patterns in the quartz stone. Installation of a set of three identical pendant lights by Roll & Hill directly above the table fits with the Montauk sofa present in the New York loft renovation, drawing light attention to the durable, reflective Carrara finish. Furthermore, the classic beauty of the table can be enhanced by combining it with stainless steel or brass. As home stylist from Austin, Texas pointed out, she loved flanking Carrara inspiration with hexagonal brass side tables and putting up some metallic frame artwork as well.

The hard surface of Carrara quartz stones can be balanced with the help of soft textiles, such as thick knitted throw and plush pillows on the sofa. Being family-friendly, the sofa and table set in the living room of Seattle’s house encouraged the relaxation and easy lounging.

Strategic Placement for Optimal Use and Aesthetics

The key to maximize the use of the piece and create an aesthetically appealing living area is to position the coffee table properly. A good example of such layout is placing the table at least 18 inches from the sofa to make it easy for people to walk by and still be able to reach for coffee table books and set their beverages down. This strategy works well in a designer condo in Miami.

Incorporating Natural Elements for Harmony

One of the ways to create a harmonious ambient space is to add natural elements. An indoor potted palm or a bamboo tray can bring an organic feel to the otherwise urban chic style. Such approach will not only add to the feeling of the overall style in the living room but will also enhance the natural visuals of the Carrara quartz table.

Regular Maintenance for Preserving Beauty

Those who want to keep their table pristine will have to take care of it on a regular basis. Using a special cleaner and avoiding harsh acidic chemicals is recommended for both preserving the durability of the stone and ensuring its longevity. Industry experts, who provide stone care in Los Angeles, recommend cleaning of the table with a pH neutral stone cleaner on a weekly basis to keep the integrity of the stone.


Personal Items for Personal Style

Ideas for coffee-table displays are limited by one’s imagination only, but the ultimate luxury is to feel at home. Photographs of key life events or unique collectables can remind a homeowner’s family and friends of an individual and might give some lesson on the history of the owner are good ideas for decorating the coffee table. Beyond that, such approach will make the living room feel truly inviting and reflect the homeowner’s aesthetics.

Entertaining Made Elegant

Using the Carrara quartz coffee table for serving guests during the friendly gathering displays another level of style. During the party, trays of hordeurves and cocktails could be arranged on a series of small elegant serving trays, fulfilling the purpose of the coffee table.

Around The Fireplace

Carrara quartz around the fireplace creates a warm and cozy nook that increases the warmth and luxury of the area. For instance, a family in Denver made and installed a Carrara quartz surround that is 60 inches wide around their gas fireplace. The quartz reflects the firelight and lightens up the space of a home. They attest that the soft white and grey stone around the living room has significantly enhanced the room’s warmth and tone.

Coordinating with Soft, Oversized, Comfortable, and Luxurious Furniture

Opposite the quartz is where to place the plush oversized chairs or the small two-seater couch or sofa. A couple in Boston installed taupe leather recliners, which perfectly coordinate with the warmth of their quartz. The leather recliners provide a perfect seat for relaxation and hold cozy conversations while enjoying the natural veining of the quartz ranging from off-beige to grey.

Incorporating Storage Solutions

Either side of the fireplace is a perfect place to add built-in cabinets and shelves from Carrara quartz. In a recent project in San Diego, the homeowner added built-ins on either side of the fireplace. The custom shelving contains drawers and sliding glass doors. The shelving got custom-cut slabs of quartz to create a seamless look. In addition, the shelves provided an opportunity to display family photos and personal memorabilia.

Enhancing with Soft Warm Lighting

Soft lighting and mood lighting in the fireplace area highlight the beauty of the natural stone. A designer in Atlanta added bronze wall sconces with dimmable warm lights, which softly cast a warm glow on the stone. The warmth of the quartz was in coordination with the warmth of the couple’s heart.

Layering Rugs for Warmth and Starscape Colors

Homes can layer two rugs in front of the fireside. A large rug in the room can serve as the rug challenged by the furniture. The front’s fireplace rug is for protecting the floors from molten ash, dust, and dirt and to warm the feet of the homeowners during the cold seasons. In a Minneapolis home, a rug had earth tones that matched the warmth and the tone of the quartz. A hand-woven wool rug was added in front to warm up the space.

Using Accents to Add Color to Space

Use of color in this space break the monochrome and give the space some play and life. Rugs, throw pillows, and bold hanging art in vibrant colors is a wrinkle to space. In a family’s home in Los Angeles, two 28-inch corduroy throw pillows perched on a dark denim canvas in the recliners were added. The family had added colorful abstract art, with some gold and blue keys to the room.

Accent Wall

Accents on the wall with Carrara quartz instantly transform a boring room into a flashy statement area and require spotlight designers. A Portland homeowner with a sense of design covered an entire 12-foot-wide living room wall with Carrara quartz slabs. The vast wall extension provides an ornate, yet refined backdrop for the entire space.

Matching Furniture to the Quartz Wall

The contemporary furniture picks that make a quartz accent wall pop highlight rather than compete come in a minimal design. Later, some matching couch options and a glass table with clear tops were used in a Miami high rise with a gray fabric and monochromatic color coat. The perfectly chosen shades in this condo enhance the depth and beauty of the wall without competing with it.

Lighting for Quartz Characteristics

Adjustable track lights that are ceiling installed and shining up rather than down on the quartz slab to highlight the veins’ beauty were used in a Chicago loft. The less regular lighting scheme enhances the lighting’s detailed look and the handmade texture.

Art and Decorative Items

Choose art that complements the Carrara quartz wall without distracting it too much. To keep from competing with the stone, many designers would choose abstract, whimsical pieces that suit the tones’ design scheme. In San Francisco, the author and wife chose a significant abstract piece that featured white-blue swirls to suit the natural lines of the stone.

Soft Textures Should also be applied to the Setup

To balance out the room measured by quartz solidity, designers often soften the room splashed by the accent with soft textiles. Non-offensive, smooth area rugs, shaggy cushion covers, or velvety draperies in matching shades will help make the room cozier. The muted drapes and a shaggy white rug used in their Dallas home unrolled from the living room to the glass door were an example.

Regular Maintenance on the Quartz Wall

Lasting beauty requires regular care. To ensure that the most beautiful place in your living room stays spotless and amazing, clean with a soft cloth and mild detergent once a month. Use gentle cleaners and stay away from harsh chemicals and abrasive tools. A Seattle homeowner has kept his living room clean and amazing for years.


Flooring a living room with Carrara quartz will substantially add to the room’s luxury and brightness. In Atlanta, a couple recently chose to tile their 500 square foot living room floor with Carrara quartz, which shines and reflects both the available natural light and the decorative material used for the living room.

Choosing the Appropriate Tile Size and Finish

When flooring a living room with Carrara quartz, it is vital to determine the appropriate tile size and finish. Larger tiles may create a more extensive look of the movement and may reduce the number of divided grout lines. A large-look movement was recently enhanced by 24 x 24-inch polished quartz living room floor tiles that the Seattle house featured.

Selecting and Placing Area Rugs on or around the Quartz Floor for Warmth and Texture

Area rugs may be used for additional warmth and texture of the quartz floor. Such area rugs should create a contrast to the floored bright Carrara quartz. This feature was achieved in one New York loft using a deep navy blue one for the seating area and a lighter gray for the dining table.

Placing the Furniture for Best Enhancing the Floor’s Spatial Dynamics and Preventing Scratching

The tables and the living room cabinets and couches may be ideally shaped and located to enhance the aesthetics of the Carrara quartz floor. However, it is essential to use protective pads to prevent scratching the quartz when moving heavy furniture. Such a feature was utilized by the San Francisco apartment where contemporary round metal leg furniture is used. The furniture cannot scratch the Carrara quartz and has been shaped to avoid undue scratches.

Maintaining the Perfect Quartz Floor

It is vital to create a cleaning schedule to prevent the quartz from losing its shiny surface. Regular daily sweeping and wet mopping with non-damaging pH-neutral cleaning materials remove grit and dirt particles from the floor. The Dallas floor owner currently has a manageable routine of wet mopping every Sunday to keep the quartz glossy. It should also be noted that the quartz should not be cleaned with a strong caustic cleaner. The owner usually also applies the pH-neutral cleaner. If the quartz floor gets exposure to stilettos, heavy furniture, or brought sneakers, daily deep sweeping may be recommended.


Decorating your living room with some consideration can become a way to draw extra attention to Carrara quartz and its elegance within a living room. A home decorator in Los Angeles has done it using various silver and glass elements to support a Carrara quartz fireplace, which contributed to the luxurious look of the room.

Use of Greenery for Better Contrast

Greenery is an excellent contrast to the total white of Carrara quartz. The placement of a large fern or a row of small orchids in minimalist pots either on the Carrara sides or the console can boost vibrant life of the place, as done in a minimalistic Denver home.

Books and Collectibles as Functional Decor

Functional decoration should not be underestimated, as books and collectibles can make the place more personal. Stacking coffee table books or placing small sculptures and vases on a Carrara quartz coffee table is a good idea. A Chicago loft features vintage books and modern South African sculptures that personalize the owner and highlight the beauty of the quartz.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1001
Quartz Surfaces PMC1001

Choosing of Metallic Elements to Emphasize the Shine of the Quartz

Using bronze, gold, or chrome can help emphasize the shine of Carrara quartz. Using metal picture frames, candle holders, or bowls on the console helps. A New York designer has used gold-framed mirrors and chrome lamps to emphasize Carrara quartz accent wall.

Soft Furnishings to Off-set Cool Nature of the Quartz

The cool nature of Carrara quartz may be off-set with warm and rich additions, including velvet cushions, wool throws and heavy curtains in such warm colors as burgundy and navy. A Boston townhouse has succeeded in doing so.

Light Reflective Accessories

Light reflective accessories, such as crystal vases and mirrored trays, placed so that they can reflect some light and brighten the room may be best placed in the living room. A San Francisco interior designer has used crystal decanters on a Carrara quartz bar to lighten up the bar with reflected light.

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