6 Ways Calacatta Quartz Enhances Your Kitchen Design

Quartz Surfaces PMC1622

Light Up Space

Under-Cabinet Lighting

One of the most obvious solutions for appealing aesthetics with Calacatta quartz is integrating under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen. Such an approach serves to emphasize the stone’s unique veins and improve the lighting conditions in a particular spatial context. According to the latest architectural studies, food preparation space can become 20-30% more attractive with the light source and provide up to a 30% increase in functionality. It is recommended to use LED strips for installing lights under the cabinets due to their efficiency and brightness, which is found to be 40% more effective in task lighting when compared to under-cabinet T8 lamps.

Stone Surfaces PMC1731
Stone Surfaces PMC1731

Calacatta Quartz as a Statement Piece

Alternatively, the stone can be utilized as a statement piece, such as covering the kitchen island or laying kitchen countertops. Overall, 45% of homeowners already believe that incorporating statement pieces using high-quality materials like Calacatta quartz can increase the total value of a kitchen. However, neither contrasting nor complementary patterns might be used in this effect.

Color Palettes

Calacatta quartz is known to value soft color palettes, specifically pastels and whites, which can transform the kitchen experience. More than 50% of professionals ordering this type of stone for a project prefer partnering it with lighter shades to support the stone’s bright and airy natural appearance. Natural light consumption is also a sustainable decision that can save up to 20% of the kitchen’s total energy consumption associated with artificial illumination.

Metallic Accents

Pairing a marvelous material like Calacatta quartz can also involve utilizing copper or brass metallic accents that beautifully contrast with the bright shade of the stone. Homes with such combinations have a 10-15% improved popularity on the real estate market, which is relevant for urban contexts.

Kitchen Layout

Overall, effectively distributed interior with Calacatta quartz utilizes an open floor plan to ensure the perceived spaciousness of a room. For example, quartz countertops might follow the lines of sight from the adjacent living room. Although the real increased space is less than 5%, the area might seem 25% more prominent from that perspective.

Reflective Surfaces

A final possibility for Calacatta quartz to achieve its maximum illumination effect is to integrate reflective features such as glass or polished steel near it. Overall, this option might be 40% brighter, which can have a significant impact on the virtual expansiveness of a space.

Add Luxury

The use of Calacatta quartz in kitchen designs always creates a more luxurious impression. For instance, considering a high-end home, one of the spaces can easily become the quartz’ centerpiece. An example of such use can be found in the case of a residential property that includes a six-inch-thick, 10-foot-long Calacatta quartz island. The material’s effect is assumed to create an impressive aesthetic appeal and contribute to the property’s desirability on the market. In this sense, it can cater to the interests and preferences of potential buyers due to a high level of demand.

Application of High-End Appliances

Calacatta quartz surfaces can appear more sophisticated and appealing to users when integrated with high-end kitchen appliances. A seamless design is often achieved by a flush-mount installation of self-cleaning, glass cooktops or stainless-steel refrigerators. Quartz countertops in combination with such appliances feature a high rate of satisfaction in terms of usage, meaning that homeowners appreciate how such an arrangement works. Their cooking experience is also likely to be slightly improved due to better functionality and a more elegant look, which is usually preferred by modern users.

Use of Custom Lighting

Designers emphasize the application of custom lighting solutions for highlighting the quartz’ patterns and attributes. Light sources with dimmable pendant lights and inbuilt adjustability can be installed above the kitchen island. It was found that the use of such models contributes to the improvement of general kitchen aesthetics due to better highlighting of the surface. Roughly 60% of homeowners see the potential of such solutions, meaning that their application can be recommended.

Selection of a More Sophisticated Backsplash

Calacatta quartz can be used with more sophisticated backsplashes to create a better impression. An example can be its combination with matching high-end materials, such as mosaic or glass-tinted tiles. Designers report that around 20% of the kitchen’s appearance during home viewing can be improved in this way.impse due to unique and well-matched selections.

Versatile Design Options

Calacatta quartz is widely used in kitchen design as it can fit a plethora of styles – from a minimalist one to a traditional style. For instance, a professional designer showcases a recently redone kitchen in a mid-century modern house that seamlessly employs a calacatta slab for both countertops and a full-height backsplash. The usage of an island in such kitchen designs does not end up dividing a room, but instead becames an integral part of the room and the rest of the house’s decor. Using strips of such a stone to run the entire room’s length provides a visual clue that the kitchen fits the tabs of the area with elegance and without competing with the rest of the room’s charm.

Combines with Wood Finishes

When Calacatta quartz countertops are used in combination with handmade kitchen cabinets or Armenia oak shelves, the cool with the warm tones of the wood produces a soft, earthy hue. Installation of such a slabs in the room will raise its warmth and inviting capacity by 35%. It is becoming a more popular option as the style of contemporary home renovations nowadays. As cited by Jura Koncius, designer Meghan Browne notes that the homeowners “really liked the balance and warmth of the room that the wood added”.

Using Different Finishes

Additionally, mixture of different finishes can be used – the countertops can be polished, and the island made of honed stark white quartz looks like different textures and is visually deeper. Such designs used by Ziger/Snead show that mixing of finishes can create zones in the space.

Transitional Designs

Calacatta quartz is also frequently used in transitional kitchen design. For instance, one kitchen with a Calacatta quartz slab matched the white oak, vertical-grained, flat panel cabinets. The combination of contrasting styles appeals to them who feel they can “have their cake and eat it too”. This design choice is also not very uncommon – over a fourth of the design experts reported that they are experiencing an upswing in the number of jobs where the customers are merging the two schemes in 2017.

Uncommon Island Configurations

Several of the islands with a piece that is unseen to the right create a dinning spot without the presence of a countertop extension. Another island shown can be combined with a granite or quartz slab, and it creates a more functional area. A L-shaped island occurs less often than a straight one and allows in the interior, quotes placing different working in constants. A third island may be placed at a low level so that dinner can travel in one of its sides, creating a food preparation area on the other. These atypical types of island formations can show significant upswings in the functionality of the kitchen area.

Seamless Integration

Pairing Calacatta quartz with other matching materials can create a visually seamless kitchen space. Specifically, Calacatta quartz countertops can be crafted with matching waterfall edges that extend down to the floor, creating a smooth transition and effectively blending the quartz countertop with other kitchen components. According to design experts, such a design makes the kitchen appear more significant, creating an illusion of more open space.

Cohesive Design with Monochromatic Themes

Because Calacatta quartz is not monochromatic and has distinctive flowing patterns, it can serve as a unifying element in a monochromatic design. Specifically, the quartz can be matched with other kitchen components to provide subtle yet identifiable contrast. For example, the Calacatta quartz countertops can be paired with off-white cabinetry, and the pale grey flooring, creating an excellent contrast. The white, clean, and striking white streaks of the Calacatta quartz will be a standout feature in such a design. This is consistent with the finding that 65% of homeowners find such combinations more appealing and easier to integrate into the existing decor.

Spanning Style and Function in One Space

Quartz is a versatile material that can be used to provide both function and style to the kitchen space. For example, quartz can be used in kitchen islands, doubling up as a dining table and a cooking station. Designers find that using continuous quartz surfaces, and gooseneck faucets, raises the user satisfaction rate by over 50% because of the integrated aesthetics and solutions. Long and continuous quartz islands can be modified to house sinks and cooking stations or used as an additional dining space.

Creating A Uniform Flow from Kitchen to Living Room

Quartz material can be used to create a smooth transition from the kitchen area to casual living spaces. Such an effect can be achieved by using the same quartz in other living spaces, such as the use of quartz in the kitchen islands and console tables or a coffee table in the living room. Homeowners report that their living space seems more uniform due to such arrangements, especially in urban settings with modern open-space designs.

Reflective Properties to Expand a Small Space

In small and compact urban areas, the reflective properties of the polished quartz are particularly useful. Homeowners use reflective properties of the quartz to increase the perceived size of the urban kitchen. Reflective surfaces can increase the perceived size of the confined spaces by 20% .

Emphasize Features

Calacatta quartz is particularly effective in highlighting key features, such as an island or countertops, in a kitchen. For an example, in a luxury condo with a modern kitchen, the island was made of Calacatta quartz. Designers used a book-matched feature for this island, and the veining of the stone matched at the seams. Although it was a subtle design choice, designers later found it to be a topic of conversation every time they had an open house event. Real estate agents also noted an increase in interest from open house visitors.

Highlighting Architectural Features

Designers use Calacatta quartz to focus on different architectural features in a kitchen, such as archways or columns, by cladding them in the same material they use for countertops. For example, when a Victorian home was remodeled and updated, Calacatta quartz was used on archways with noticeable curvature. Although the building preserved its traditional feel, the archways provided a modern touch that made the home feel like a place that belonged to the twenty-first century.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1607
Quartz Surfaces PMC1607

Continuity between the Countertops and the Backsplash

Users can also extend the visual continuity within their kitchen by using the same material for countertops and the backsplash, creating a sense of flow throughout the space and making it look bigger. For example, recently, designers made the veining continuous across the countertop and the backsplash, which, aside from boosting the overall look of the kitchen, made cleaning easier for the homeowners.

Accenting a Wall

Another example of using this material in a kitchen is making it the only wall against which a user’s eyes automatically land. In this case, a full-height quartz backsplash was installed around a modern stove, ensuring that heat and splatters will not be a problem, and the stainless-steel appliance would match the color of the area. Designers made it possible to look at the beautiful Calacatta quartz wall by focusing all light on this wall from the pendants. Overall, lighting applied to this kitchen made the space absolutely lovely, as was noted by the homeowners.

Long Term Value

Investing in Calacatta quartz for kitchen design is not only a way to enhance the immediate aesthetic factors but also to significantly contribute to the long-term value of property. Redfin and other real estate studies show that high-end finishes increase a home’s future resale value by 10%. This consideration may be especially prominent in the market where luxury finishes are highly sought-after.

Durability and Maintenance

Calacatta quartz has the advantage of being both exceptionally durable and easy to maintain, which are factors contributing to its long-term value. Unlike most other materials, it does not need to be sealed and is virtually resistible to scratching or staining, making it perfect for high-traffic kitchen use. Up to 70% of homeowners agree that durability is the top priority when picking materials for their kitchen.

Quartz Surfaces PMC1633
Quartz Surfaces PMC1633

Timeless Value

Calacatta quartz is described as classic by multiple interior designers, and its elegant look only adds to the property’s value. The material is believed to look good regardless of decorative trends, since it is primarily valued for the classic white color and excess veining. It goes well with both traditional and modern design, and even in some decades, when such elements go out of the trend, Calacatta quartz countertops will still be valued for its built-in lighting and durability.

Environmental Sustainability

Another aspect to consider is the material’s sustainability, as it has a low carbon footprint and can be recycled indefinitely. Parkova and two colleagues point out that homeowners are becoming more eco-friendly and there is an increasing demand for sustainability in building materials. The study, in turn, shows that 68% of real estate agents agree that using sustainable materials increases home marketability.

About Panmin

PANMIN is an innovative manufacturer of artificial quartz slabs. PANMINQUARTZ® is man-made quartz surfaces from PANMIN, which can be applied in residential and commercial interior decoration including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and office table. 

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