What Are the Latest Trends in Calcutta Quartz Applications

Quartz Surfaces PMC1735

Kitchen Countertops

In Kolkata, quartz is becoming one of the favorite materials for kitchen countertops. More and more households and commercial establishments are opting for quartz instead of granite or marble. One of the primary reasons behind this changing trend is the durability of quartz and the aesthetic appeal that it provides. In terms of kitchen worktops, households and commercial establishments are increasingly valuing the resilience of quartz countertops to scratches and stains. It is the best choice for kitchens since it does not soak up the usual kitchen spills such as oils, wines, or acids. Quartz does not require frequent polishing to seal the porous nature of the stone. Moreover, the materials are available in a wide range of colors and patterns in Kolkata. Manufacturers can blend dyes and textured patterns that resemble other stones to provide elegance to homeowners. Moreover, due to its inherent customers focus on increasing their lifestyles, the quartz countertops can be readily integrated into the overall design of the kitchen . The installation process of quartz countertops is as follows:

  • Templating the kitchen space appropriately.
  • Fabricating the quartz slab to meticulous details.
  • Making certain that countertops fit perfectly during installation.

In Kolkata, the local fabricators generally have a collaboration with international suppliers to acquire the best quality quartz. As a result, the material benefits from the best of both worlds. The material retains its distinctive quality that speaks for itself across the globe while also satisfying the local core customer base and the specific taste of households in Berlin. The change that is taking place in terms of the increasing use of quartz over natural materials such as granite and marble is also being fueled by the low maintenance of quartz countertops. Unlike granite, quartz does have to be resealed over time to ensure that the oil-based kitchen stains do not tarnish its appearance. Cleansing with soap and water on a daily basis is all that it requires. Furthermore, it is challenging enough to resist breakage, given that some kitchens have high-traffic conditions. Commercial amenities , such as restaurants and hotels situated in Kolkata, are opting for quartz countertops to take advantage of their beneficial properties.

Quartz Surfaces PMC2125
Quartz Surfaces PMC2125

Bathroom Vanities

Quartz is becoming the material of choice for bathroom vanities in Kolkata, as the demand for luxury yet practical bathroom designers increases. It is not only celebrated for its toughness and ease of maintenance but also for its versatile beauty, which can look at home in every kind of interior. Moreover, it is non-porous and highly resistant to mold and mildew, which is highly important in the highly humid climate of Kolkata, as bathrooms tend to stay damp for long periods and thus are especially prone to fungal growth. With quartz vanities, homeowners can count on their bathrooms to stay clean even without the need for excessive scrubbing or heavy-duty cleaning chemicals.

Both designers and homeowners value quartz vanities for the vast number of colors and patterns that are available on the market. Indeed, it can offer virtually complete customization that can fit in with every kind of theme, from minimalist modern designs to more bulky, traditional furniture. For example, the project in South Kolkata featured a deep blue quartz vanity, which became the centerpiece of the glamorous yet sleek and modern design. The installation process for a quartz bathroom vanity is nuanced:

  • Choose the slab of quartz from a reliable supplier while taking several factors into consideration.
  • It should be custom-cut to fit the exact dimensions of the bathroom.
  • The slab is installed, ensuring that the space is perfectly level and that the slab is firmly in place.

Local suppliers ha respond to the growing demand for the material by offering an increased selection of colors and patterns. They also frequently provide warranties for a certain number of years, and this can put the customer’s mind at rest that they have made the right decision. Also, this material is highly durable and resistant to scratches and can withstand the more intense requirements of the bathroom space, with the daily use of heavy toiletries and cosmetic products.

Stone Surfaces PMC1910
Stone Surfaces PMC1910

Wall Cladding and Backsplashes

Quartz is increasingly become a staple of modern interior design in Kolkata when it comes to cladding walls and using for kitchen backsplashes. There are multiple reasons for this trend which is following such an upward curve as more interior designers and ordinary residents are beginning to understand why it is superior to tiles or natural stones in this context. First of all, there is its appearance – as a composite material, quartz can boast a nearly uniform look and finish that would be difficult to achieve if the wall or a backsplash was covered in material that would naturally look diverse . Here is a photo from a luxury residential project in Alipore, where a white, glossy quartz backsplash was extended to the very top of the kitchen ceiling, contrasting with the wooden, dark cabinets and improved the appearance of the kitchen making it appear bigger. .

Second, the process of installing quartz cladding and backsplashes is very precise:

  • measure the area that will be clad
  • cut quartz slabs to fit these specific dimensions
  • install them with adhesive
  • to ensure stability, the slabs are reinforced with hidden anchoring systems to make them look floating .

There is no leeway here, and installers have to be highly experienced and to ensure that they will not make mistakes. The final reason for higher preference for quartz in Kolkata is the climate of the Indian city. Because of mold and mildew, which the weather conditions here make possible , homeowners in the city do not consider other types of materials that often foster the development of these. The demand for quartz in Kolkata has also ensured that more and more facilities for processing different types of quartz slabs are established in the city and can handle the order of all sizes and complexity. The city residents do not have to worry about the suitability of different slabs for the project – because there is a set of established ways to cut and polish quartz to make it appropriate for the purpose it is meant to serve. The color stability of quartz is the last interesting aspect of the material to consider – and unlike some natural stones, it remains largely the same color through its years even if exposed to direct sunlight. To ensure the most suitable color being used, the installer can consult the homeowner and show him or her different options to choose performer.-reviewed interior design firms in Kolkata already frequently this material in the projects which are uploaded to their websites . No surprise, because homeowners leave the same positive comments about it – ease of cleaning and longevity of appearance stand out the most.

Furniture Accents

In Kolkata, we see a growing trend for implementing quartz into furniture designs, as replaced in tables, side boards and other furniture elements that serve for decoration of the room. This trend capitalizes on quartz properties to add a bit of luxury and a lot of functionality to furniture that is well-known for daily use.

First of all, here are what two designers in India tell us about quartz being a versatile material that can fit into virtually any design. It can look perfect in ultra-modern minimalist room settings, as well as in vulgarly enriched traditional style. For example, one of my favourite pieces was a table Amazonite that was designed for high-end residential apartment in Salt Lake City area. The coffee table has been made with a midnight black quartz top, and it’s hard not to fall for it thanks to its sleek finish and general outstanding look in the middle of a living room.

The design process can be specified in the following steps:

  • choosing the right slab from the provided array of colours and patterns,
  • cutting it accurately to fit the dimensions of the furniture piece according to design and building plan,
  • finishing the edges to make it smooth and safe touch,
  • mounting the quartz slab to the furniture build with the help of special kind of adhesives that hold the piece of work for a long time and does not affect the design.

Thus, quartz furniture will usually look extravagant, making a living room or a dining room luxurious. Additionally, it is extremely functional. There are no issues of scratching quartz with a knife and staining it with berries, as it can be the case with natural woods or even marbles. Thus, it is an excellent choice for dining tables, desks and other heavily used elements. Furthermore, tables or side boards can be mounted in the dining area, where there is always the chance of something hot being put or spilled. It is always going to be an excellent choice for such a surface. Finally, designers are now working closer with the quarts suppliers and can order the furniture in a manner that fits and serve the owner’s needs. Where possible, the case, special products are often created to respond to customers needs jointly.

Stone Surfaces PMC1872
Stone Surfaces PMC1872

It is relatively low maintenance piece as well, if compared to other materials used in design. It is not going to get marked like wood if not immediately lacquered from time to time, or sealed, as is the case with marble. It can be cleaned with wet cloth as needed. It perfectly fits Indian context of people who like their help to clean and shine.

About Panmin

PANMIN is an innovative manufacturer of artificial quartz slabs. PANMINQUARTZ® is man-made quartz surfaces from PANMIN, which can be applied in residential and commercial interior decoration including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and office table. 

Currently, we have three factories, two in China and one in Cambodia to provide sufficient services to our customers.

For more information about PANMIN, please refer to our contact page and we should get back to you ASAP.

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